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Check out my newest flowers on wood.

hand painted wood illustration with flowers

Along the sides of the roads in Vermont wildflowers are in abundance and I am in heaven. It is inspiring to drive along with Jessie as co-pilot stopping and picking a few blossoms so I can paint them later. Above are two illustration watercolors on paper applied to wood shingles from my old 150 yr. old barn.

hand painted illustration watercolor of flowers Flower Painted Wood Illustration

Flowers are illustrated on paper and glued onto a 150 yr old wood shingle I saved from my barn. The flowers are delicate and detailed of loosestrife, daisy, aster and wildflowers. The drawing is sealed with lacquer spray and a black leather cord is ready to hang your art.
Wood measures: 14 x 3.5 inches

flower illustration on woodPink Flower Illustration on Wood

A delicate delightful illustration of pink and purple flowers on paper. I apply the illustration to a 150 yr old wood shingle from my wonderful old barn. I attached a hemp cord to the illustration and tied with a bow.

Illustration measures 8 x 2 inches.

Great for the bath bed kitchen or nursery. Give as a housewarming or hostess gift. Love it.

More to come…enjoy!


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White Peony Watercolor

I can’t wait, my peonies in my garden are budding and getting ready to bloom. Brushes paints and camera are ready. In the meantime here is another gorgeous peony I painted for you to see.

White Peony Floral Watercolor Original Garden Flower Painting with Nature Detailed Realism.

floral watercolor original garden flower
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Description of my painting.


Detailed original nature art watercolor painting of a white peony. I love peonies. These are wonderful garden flowers and so much fun to paint. Notice the subtle shades of pink, lavender, blue flower petals contrasted against the intense center of the flower. I chose a dark background to enhance the flower petals.

I have this painting listed unframed but feel free to ask me about framing. Comes with matte glazing and black frame for an additional $300.

Tile: White Peony
Medium: watercolor on 300lb paper
Painting Size: 8 x 10 inches
Signature on front – Signature title and date en verso.

All right reserved and remain with artist.

I ship this painting via USPS priority mail with added insurance.
Neatly wrapped in plastic sleeve, brown craft paper and cord ready to present as gift.

More flower watercolors available at Between The Weeds Etsy Shop, please stop by and browse through my work.
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Pink Peony a Floral Watercolor and Original Painting.

Pink Peony Floral Watercolor Original Painting by Laurie Rohner
Pink Peony a botanical garden flower floral watercolor original artwork by Laurie Rohner is detailed realism, a favorite of many.

Pink Peony a botanical garden flower floral watercolor original artwork by Laurie Rohner is detailed realism, a favorite of many. I show the subtle shades of pink burgundy blue and brown as the light hits the petals.

I painted this flower from a photo I had taken of one of my peonies blooming in my very own garden. It is the first of a series of peonies being painted in a range of colors. This painting comes unframed. I used 300lb watercolor cold press paper which is thick with a slight texture (as shown in the second photo).

Pink Peony Floral Watercolor Original Painting
Available at Etsy Visit

Title: Pink Peony
Medium: watercolor on paper
Artwork Size: 8 x 10 inches
Paper Size: 9 x 12 inches
Signature: Signed on front; signature, date, title, medium en verso.

If you are not sure how to frame this artwork I would be happy to frame it for you.
Frames I use are silver or black metal with white mats.
The additional cost is about $60 and takes about 2 weeks to frame

Available HERE for purchase at

Prints available and more of my pink peony HERE.

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Working on floral watercolors.

Since moving back to Vermont I feel the tug or maybe my muse whispering in my ear to get back to my watercolors. Focusing back to creating realism with watercolors and painting botanical flowers and Vermont landscapes.

Original watercolor botanical floral art
Original floral watercolor of red tulip.

A single red tulip garden flower watercolor with detailed delicate realism is an original painting by Laurie Rohner.
My red tulip, a botanical original art floral watercolor, represents my love of botanical artwork. It is so real you feel you can scoop it up and hold it.

Great to give as a housewarming gift but why not give to your sweetheart.
My flower stays alive forever.

Can be framed with mat and frame or mounted on mat under glass.
I also love the new way to frame watercolors by adhering the artwork to a board sealing with non yellowing spray and framing as you would any oil painting.
Happy to help with framing options, please ask.

Title: Single Red Tulip
Medium: watercolor on paper
Paper: 140 lb. Strathmore watercolor paper
Paper and Image size: 6 x 18 inches

All rights are not transferable with sale of painting.

If you would like to buy this artwork please follow the link CLICK HERE


Between the Weeds

Subtle colors influenced my botanical watercolor.

I love color and color does not always have to be bold and bright. Sometimes subtle undertones of color are just what is needed. This is a new watercolor mixed media painting from Laurie Rohner Studio at Between The Weeds.

Mixed media watercolor by Laurie Rohner Studio
Garden Flower Illustration Botanical Watercolor

An original watercolor illustration of garden flowers, wildflowers, and herbs with bees is a botanical watercolor painted with subtle hues by nature artist Laurie Rohner for Between The Weeds.

Garden Flower Illustration Botanical Watercolor
close up of detailed watercolor

My watercolor painting garden flowers with bees buzzing is a whimsical original nature artwork and sure to bring joy to anyone in love with gardens.

Title: Garden Flower and Bees
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Palette: red, purple,blue, yellow, cream, sage, leaf green
Paper: Arches 140 lb cold pressed Arches Special MBM
Paper size is 12 x 16 inches
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title signed dated on verso.

watercolor nature botanical art.
Unframed and ready to ship.

Comes professionally wrapped and ready to give as a gift. Ships USPS mail.

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A few of my watercolors…


White Lilies
The Pink Lady


Watercolor are my first love. My technique is a process that is long and labor intensive taking many days to complete. I use a technique called glazing. I paint my images several times building and layering the pigments with washes of color. I find it gives the images a quality of depth and realism which is not what you expect with watercolor paintings. Most of the time I work from a multitude of photos to sketch out how I want the painting to look. I choose my color palette and then lay the first washes down on a cotton rag cold pressed paper. Recently I have experimented with some other materials such as aqua-board and watercolor paper mounted on board.

This painting The Pink Lady is in my collection and it is the painting that started me on this path of watercolor painting in large format. I had just recovered from a serious car accident and had lost my job all within weeks. This is a very special painting and I keep it because it represents how fragile life is and even though things look bleak you can always find light in your life.

The Shaded Trees is on the Panel I had discussed and though I enjoyed the subject matter I found my style and technique did not work as well on this base. I love this painting because I expect to see some magical beings to suddenly appear popping out from behind the trees.

Black Eyed Susans in the Field



You have to smile when you see Black Eyed Susans in the Field and that is this paintings sole purpose. Happy and content and ready for what ever is ahead.





The Shaded Trees is on the Panel I had discussed and though I enjoyed the subject matter I found my style and technique did not work as well on this base. I love this painting because I expect to see some magical beings to suddenly appear popping out from behind the trees.

The Shaded Woods

What a nice way to end this post. Have a happy day.