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Between The Weeds is filled with nature art created by Laurie Rohner, custom made, garden watercolors and illustrations, botanical art, nature art, flowers and nature on farmhouse painted furniture and painted home decor, custom garden gifts, fine art in oil acrylic watercolor paintings and woodland fairy houses too. All work is one of a kind, custom and original art.

Nature art by Laurie Rohner
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Between the Weeds, Farmhouse Home Decor

Using a painting for my sign.

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New Between The Weeds Sign

Oh how much fun painting this sign with a twist. I took an old stretched canvas and repainted a painting of a whimsical farmhouse garden with my sign in the painting. This is the new style, a new branding for my studio. I decided being serious is overrated and fun is so much better.

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Have a brilliant fun day.


Between the Weeds, Laurie Rohner, Paintings

Have you checked out my prints?

Banner Between The Weeds

Lots of prints and things at Between The Weeds over at Society6 in a bunch of sizes on paper or canvas framed or unframed. I love working with Society6 because they offer the best in printing and customer service.

prints on canvas
Framed prints
contemporary-abstract-painting-spring-rain-carry-all-pouches set of 3
Carry all pouches
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Beautiful whimsical wild garden flowers are blooming in the garden.

Illustration Acrylic Botanical Art
New botanical acrylic painting.

New Garden Flowers Acrylic Original Painting

Beautiful whimsical wild garden flowers are blooming in the garden in this original acrylic painting. Do you love discovering what new blossoms have appeared today? I know I do.

This is a painting of some of my favorite blooms. Find butterfly bush, hollyhocks, columbine, teasel and trout lily are just a few. I chose acrylics on canvas with ink. This painting is much like my watercolors which is a big favorite.

Title: Wild Garden Flowers
Medium: Acrylic and Ink on canvas
Canvas Size: 24 x 24 inches
Unframed – Sides are painted.
Ready to Hang.

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Between the Weeds

Hand painted clay pots ready for the holidays.


Ferns and lavender rosemary herbs on a painted moss garden clay pot makes this a unique one of a kind painted garden pot for flower lovers everywhere. Nice sized clay garden pot with flowers and ferns hand painted all the way around the outside.

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Shown with the Blackberry and Bees Pot (sold separately).

Great for herbs plants or use it for the holidays with some fresh greens, fruits, or cones.


Ask about fresh boxwood and I will happily send some with your painted pot order at no extra charge.

Shop for more wonderful garden gifts HERE..

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New! Cottage style white hand painted shelf with wildflowers.

Hand Painted Cottage Shelf with Painted Wildflowers
Hand Painted Cottage Shelf with Painted Wildflowers

A hand painted cottage farmhouse style shelf is painted with watercolor flowers on the sides and on the main shelf. The shelf has been slightly distressed which gives it a bit of character. There is a wash of watercolor over most of this piece.

fern and lavender
fern and lavender

The one side has fern and berries and the other side has fern and lavender. The main shelf has a few coneflowers, some blue flowers and on one corner a couple of berries. The colors are warm and compliment the style of this piece very nicely.

The back comes with two zigzag hooks and the entire piece has been sealed with lacquer varnish.

Hand Painted Furniture
Cottage Hand Painted Shelf

Measures: 18.5 x 18 x 5 inches
Shelf is vintage. Made from 1/2 inch wood. Solid construction.

More Painted Decor Here.

Between the Weeds

Autumn on the Mountain a whimsical fall painting.

Mountain with fall tree and moon is an original whimsical autumn painting.

nature art autumn fall painting
complete with twig branch easel.

A whimsical autumn painting of a mountain, a fall tree and a moon. My original landscape oil painting is painted on a panel and comes with a twig handmade easel.

The story of this painting is a tree sits on the mountain. The season is autumn and the leaves have changed to orange-red and yellow. The moon rises and the colors glisten under the light of the stars and moon. The air crisp but not too cold and apples and chimney smoke scents fill the air.

Whimsical autumn fall painting
Whimsical autumn fall painting

The easel is a bonus for you to use to display this whimsical nature landscape artwork. No need to frame.

Title: Autumn on the Mountain
Medium: oil on panel
Art Size: 5 x 5 inches
Signature: LR on front, signed dated and title on the back.

“Art is felt through a mind energy and spirit connection. It is my heartfelt wish my nature art makes that connection with you.”

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Between the Weeds

Nature art on vintage and new furniture only at Between The Weeds.

Why Buy My Painted Furniture?

Hand Painted Furniture
Hand Painted Vintage Writing Table

The work I create in my studio is hand painted, I never use stencil or decal, which means you are investing in a functional work of art. I will recreate and revitalize an old discarded vintage find into a treasure or custom make my own furniture to fit a design I am creating. Nature is a huge influence in all my designs. I am working with a new process using watercolors ink and varnishes bringing my botanical illustrated watercolors to life on painted furniture and home decor.

Custom Crafted Wood Painted Furniture – Tote and Garden Pots.

I use the best quality paints and varnishes and have trained with artists and antique restorers specialized in vintage painted chairs from places such as Sotheby’s Antiques in New York. I have developed my own finishes and paints giving me a range of style choices and techniques.

hand painted furniture by Between The Weeds at Woodland Hand Painted Furniture – Nature Keepsake Gift Box

I take great care with each piece of painted furniture first sand, prep and prime then paint or stain readying the surface for decorative painting. I typically lay out the design in pencil; establish a color palette, finishing the design with an ink pen in a linear fashion. All pieces receive several coats of varnish; in between each layer I hand rub the surface creating a soft buffed finish. Every piece is finished with a bee’s wax to ensure protection.

Visit my studio shop today for a range of nature inspired nature art at Between The Weeds Here.

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New Custom Accent Table with Botanical Wildflowers in Hand Painted Furniture Studio.

custom painted furniture
custom painted furniture

This is a custom hand painted furniture accent table with wildflowers on the top of the table which feature thistles and daisies set against a steal blue green accent color. The legs are bamboo painted black.

Hand Painted Furniture Custom Accent Table with Botanical Wildflowers
Hand Painted Furniture Custom Accent Table with Botanical Wildflowers

This is a fun whimsical small table that can be tucked anywhere or displayed nest to a comfy chair. It is sealed with varnish to protect the watercolor painting and then waxed.

Hand Painted Furniture Custom
Hand Painted Furniture Custom
Table measures 11 .5 x 11.5 x 17.5 inches.
Weighs approx. 4 lbs
To buy this table and see more of my work check my work out here.
Between the Weeds

Enchanted Wood Fairy House Just Finished.

Handmade One of a Kind with Fairy Furniture for Between The Weeds
Handmade One of a Kind with Fairy Furniture for Between The Weeds

Fashioned after the fairy house found in the Enchanted Wood Garden at Wintethur this fairy house features a kitchen with sink, bed in loft and another sink, dining table with hand sculpted lily pad dishes, an alcove with coach, woven chair and painted light, sitting area in front of stone fireplace,on the side a bird nest cradle, original artwork over the fireplace and hand painted floor cloths ready for a wee one to add their own little creative finds.

Custom Made Woodland Fairy House
Custom Made Woodland Fairy House
From above the fairy house shows thatched roof.
From above the fairy house shows thatched roof.
Fairy house features a kitchen with sink, bed in loft and another sink, dining table with hand sculpted lily pad dishes.

Outside is a thatched style roof that is opened up to allow the light to shine through. The front is fashioned after the toad house but blends into the overall feel of this woodland fairy house. There is a hand sculpted bird stones and moss hand glued over a handmade wood structure. There is a sitting area on one side with a mushroom that gives shelter and on the other side is a birdhouse and bird bath.

Custom Enchanted Wood Fairy House
Custom Enchanted Wood Fairy House

Fairy house range in size but the average for this custom fairy house is 16 x 16 x 14 inches and comes with 2 – 3 rooms which are furnished.

Visit my Woodland Fairy House Studio and buy your very own handmade custom fairy house.