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Excited to share this wonderful painted new wood tray with legs.

Farmhouse Watercolor Painted Wood Tray with Garden Flowers

Custom farmhouse painted furniture by Laurie Rohner
with legs down on my hand painted wood tray.

Whether you want to curl up in your favorite pajamas in your warm cozy bed or looking to showcase your most decadent desserts at your next dinner party, this all natural wood painted tray provides just the setting to display and enjoy any meal- no matter the occasion! Inspired by the beauty of nature, this piece is painted with garden flowers and finished in a natural hue, that is the definition of total tranquility. Unfold the legs to immediately delight in breakfast in bed. Or fold the legs inwards and display an arrangement of your favorite collectibles and decorative elements to create a beautiful centerpiece on your kitchen table.

Original custom farmhouse painted furniture by Laurie Rohner
Farmhouse Watercolor Painted Wood Tray with Garden Flowers
Painted Tray measures 20 x 8.5 inches Tray height with legs 20 inches high
Or fold the legs inwards and display an arrangement of your favorite collectibles

A farmhouse watercolor painted furniture bed tray is hand painted with garden flowers. There are poppy, coneflower, delphinium and more hand painted by Laurie Rohner. After preparing the tray surface I primed and painted the tray top with white paint. I sketched my flowers on and using watercolor flowers came alive. I applied ink line and sealed the tray with several coats of lacquer. I did not craft this bed tray but found this great bamboo bed tray at a store nearby. I did the delicate detailed watercolor art on the surface.

Foldable to store away
Use in bed or store on a table

Tray measures 20 x 8.5 inches
Tray height with legs 20 inches high


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Shop mugs, travel mugs, serving trays, cutting boards and coasters. Shop bags, totes, carryalls, backpacks and duffles.

Contemporary watercolor flower bags
Botanical garden flower set of three carry all pouches
Carry alls

There are flowers for everyone, everyday and if you love garden flower, wildflowers and bees delicate illustrations and detailed watercolor designs by Laurie Rohner, please stop by my Society6 shop Between The Weeds.


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Check out my wall murals at Between The Weeds.

Wall Murals by Between The Weeds


With my Wall Murals, you can cover an entire wall with a rad design – just line up the panels and stick them on. They’re easy to peel off too, leaving no sticky residue behind. With crisp, vibrant colors and images, this stunning wall decor lets you create an amazing permanent or temporary space.

  • Size in feet: 8’ Mural comes with four 2’(W) x 8’(H) panels
  • Printed on self-adhesive woven polyester fabric panels, easy to stick on and off
  • Matte finish and texture
  • Features vibrant, water-based, non-toxic inks
  • Washable with mild soap and water

Many images to choose from of my artwork and many more options at Society6 Between The Weeds.

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Lady Slipper Orchid Botanical Floral Watercolor on Canvas Print

My original art Lady Slipper of wildflower and garden flowers is painted in watercolor on canvas makes this a special floral watercolor painting by Laurie Rohner. A bee is there too. This is a colorful print of assorted botanical art available in print.

Lady Slipper Print

Prints and more available at Between The Weeds

Interested in the original artwork please check out my shop here for this art and more.

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Etsy has gone too far. Join the strike!

Check out why here.

After reading OhMy Handmade recent post I am forever finished with Etsy. My shop will be downsizing to a more friendly service. You can shop for my art and illustrations at these fine places at a more affordable price.

Laurie Rohner Store

Laurie Rohner Studio Prints

Between The Weeds Store

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Check out my newest flowers on wood.

hand painted wood illustration with flowers

Along the sides of the roads in Vermont wildflowers are in abundance and I am in heaven. It is inspiring to drive along with Jessie as co-pilot stopping and picking a few blossoms so I can paint them later. Above are two illustration watercolors on paper applied to wood shingles from my old 150 yr. old barn.

hand painted illustration watercolor of flowers Flower Painted Wood Illustration

Flowers are illustrated on paper and glued onto a 150 yr old wood shingle I saved from my barn. The flowers are delicate and detailed of loosestrife, daisy, aster and wildflowers. The drawing is sealed with lacquer spray and a black leather cord is ready to hang your art.
Wood measures: 14 x 3.5 inches

flower illustration on woodPink Flower Illustration on Wood

A delicate delightful illustration of pink and purple flowers on paper. I apply the illustration to a 150 yr old wood shingle from my wonderful old barn. I attached a hemp cord to the illustration and tied with a bow.

Illustration measures 8 x 2 inches.

Great for the bath bed kitchen or nursery. Give as a housewarming or hostess gift. Love it.

More to come…enjoy!


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My Etsy solution is simple.

I really did NOT want to shut down my shop at etsy but felt very betrayed by their business practices. My solution is this and maybe you can utilize the same. I am only selling small art and prints, small painted furnishings and small garden themed gifts at etsy. The stock in my Etsy store will be changing as my listings come up for renewal. The items I will keep in Etsy, low priced and light to ship. Due to the additional shipping charge added by Etsy I have added a flat handling fee to the shipping.

Bouquet colored pencil copy
Check it out! Available in print too at Society6 Between The Weeds

Now the great find is squareup shops. You can visit mine HERE. These little gems are easy to set up and all you do is pay square (etsy offered connecting to square at a higher rate) but when you go directly to square the processing fee is low or about the same as PayPal and that is it. NO MONTHLY FEE, NO TRANSACTION FEE, Etsy! You can add shipping charges or set a flat rate. You can set up sales tax. The big thing I found is you can add a shop link to any website or you can add a domain name to your squareup shop.  You can order a chip card reader for all phones with a great processing fee too.

If you have any questions about Square please feel free to ask me. I will try to answer them.

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Have you heard Etsy is raising its fees? Again.

There is a flurry growing with the sellers at Etsy. Etsy is raising their transaction fees to 5% on seller’s product including shipping charges. At first I wasn’t too upset. I then went on their forum and discovered maybe I should be. In general, a seller who sells high priced items or heavy items can expect to pay more than 5%. Therefore sellers (me) is going to be handing over much more money to Etsy. Because I sell items priced over $100 and more (which is covered under insurance with Etsy) I have to add additional shipping insurance to my shipments driving what Etsy collects higher. Heavier items are not cheap to ship and again the higher the shipping charge the more I pay Etsy. See my dilemma? Now granted you sell on Etsy with no monthly fee only .20 cents per listing. But in actuality they are charging 5% of your sales as their monthly fee. So if you sell $500/month that would be a monthly fee of $25. The more you sell the more Etsy makes. Does Ponzi scheme come to mind? Maybe.

When I broke down my Etsy charges that Etsy collects I pay about 11% and not what I originally calculated 7%. I am running a deficit of 4% on most of my sales. I have had to raise my pricing and add handling fees just to overcome the excessive charges. Now if Etsy was allowing for customizing your shop and advertising as they once did most sellers on Etsy probably would NOT mind. Ah Etsy is NOT doing this instead is offering enhanced options and Pattern websites at an additional monthly fee. The fees are above and beyond the standard fees you are charged with a standard shop. Really?

Etsy is a publicly traded company. Since this happened the focus is on shareholders and COO/CEO/CFO’s (which is fine) but remember us the sellers. We line your pockets with our creative ideas and long hours tolling away in our studios and small businesses. Lets face it, sellers on Etsy, we make the money for them and Etsy treats us aporantly. I think there is another option out there, don’t you?

Let me know what you think and if you discover another exciting way to sell your fabulous work online.

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Just sold this great custom painted shelf.

Shop for hand painted furniture at Between The Weeds Etsy
Watercolor flowers adorn this custom crafted hand painted shelf.

My client loved a painting I did and wanted to have the same style painted on this shelf. I was very happy painting these fabulous flowers around this shelf. I think it turned out great. Wrapped it up today and sent it on to sunny California.

After taking the pics of the shelf I found myself truly pleased at what was created. A little voice said you have to do more, I agree.

Painted Farmhouse Shelf
Hand painted farmhouse style custom shelf.
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White Peony Watercolor

I can’t wait, my peonies in my garden are budding and getting ready to bloom. Brushes paints and camera are ready. In the meantime here is another gorgeous peony I painted for you to see.

White Peony Floral Watercolor Original Garden Flower Painting with Nature Detailed Realism.

floral watercolor original garden flower
Buy at Etsy Between The Weeds Shop

Description of my painting.


Detailed original nature art watercolor painting of a white peony. I love peonies. These are wonderful garden flowers and so much fun to paint. Notice the subtle shades of pink, lavender, blue flower petals contrasted against the intense center of the flower. I chose a dark background to enhance the flower petals.

I have this painting listed unframed but feel free to ask me about framing. Comes with matte glazing and black frame for an additional $300.

Tile: White Peony
Medium: watercolor on 300lb paper
Painting Size: 8 x 10 inches
Signature on front – Signature title and date en verso.

All right reserved and remain with artist.

I ship this painting via USPS priority mail with added insurance.
Neatly wrapped in plastic sleeve, brown craft paper and cord ready to present as gift.

More flower watercolors available at Between The Weeds Etsy Shop, please stop by and browse through my work.