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Botanical Watercolor Phlox Speedwell Art Print

Botanical garden flowers are available in many different products for walls, decor, accessories, and offices. There are various wildflowers and garden flowers delicately painted in watercolor for you to enjoy. These are a few of my absolute favorites, are they yours?

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Add prints to your shop.

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Above is one of the prints I am offering, by doing it this way I don’t have to worry about collecting money, shipping, or producing the product and people can get the daily sales delivered at Society6. A passive way to collect money for a product you link and at the end of the month may see an uptick in your royalties you recieve from Society6.

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Studio moved.

My studio moved to a new location. I am located in Montrose PA. Sometimes it can be scary picking up everything and following your instincts. That is exactly what I did. I had tired of Vermont and its many problems. I saw no future if I stayed. I decided to head to Pennsylvania.

I was in search of a smaller home, one that you didn’t need a second mortgage just to heat it. I found it. This home is perfect for me. I have a cellar, a medium-sized main floor for living, and a large second floor for the studio. The outside gave me a blank slate for some gardens. Need gardens to paint, right? And it sits on a hill overlooking the countryside.

Shop at

Do I take the chance and buy the home? I needed to move fast with an offer and relied on others to give me information. Out of the blue, my Vermont house sold. I believe if you listen hard enough and long enough you find the right answers to your questions. I did. This home is perfect with all of the imperfections I found a home.

Still unpacking. Gradually finding things I am getting the studio and house in shape. Soon there will be paintings being added to the shop along with some newly painted gifts and painted furniture.

As I drove here from Vermont I came across a car in front of me with the license plate LLR, and I chuckled. They were my mother’s initials. Nice to know they still watch out over us even if they are not with us anymore.

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Watercolor Illustrations by Laurie Rohner

Watercolor Illustrations by Laurie Rohner of wildflowers garden flowers nature and botanical art with matte. Original illustrations garden flowers, wildflowers, nature, botanical floral hand-drawn and painted using watercolor and ink.

Many of my illustrations feature my favorite blooms. Don’t you love pink coneflowers, delphinium, Queen Anne lace, poppies, thistle, and butterfly bush? I love adding a few bumblebees, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Not just flowers found in this collection. I also paint seasonal landscapes, birds, bunnies, or other woodland creatures

Kiss of Blue – watercolor illustration

Painted on 300 lb cold-pressed watercolor paper. A nice sized painting, 14 x 11 and comes complete with a white matte and backing. Fits nicely in a 20 x 16 frame.

close up of watercolor Flowers Alive

Large original watercolor and ink artwork of garden flowers and wildflowers in a detailed nature botanical floral painting. Find red poppy and pink coneflower, blue larkspur, purple butterfly bush, teasel, yellow wildflowers, thistle, daisies, and sweet pea. I even added a bee.

The watercolor is on 140 lb watercolor paper and I used high-quality watercolors and ink to create this watercolor painting.

This painting just simply makes you feel good. Take in a breathe and smell the flowers.

Some examples of Laurie’s watercolor illustrations.

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Anemone and Holly, a watercolor illustration.

Anemone and Holly, a watercolor illustration is a contemporary original painting by Laurie Rohner. The detailed painting of holly and anemone is a botanical nature art of red flowers and berries with an accent of green holly.

New art at Society6

I offer this painting in a variety of print sizes, on paper and on canvas, framed and unframed occasionally at a great discount.

Check out some of the other products with this painting.

All the products and prints are created here in the USA. When you buy my work you are supporting a small USA business and artist. Check out my Society6 shop Between The Weeds for more.

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Watercolor Illustration of Garden Flowers in Original Botanical Art – On Sale Now.

On Sale. Only one available.

Original whimsical wall art is a bright detailed watercolor ink illustration of summer flowers, garden flowers, bees, and wildflowers. Pink, raspberry, shades of blues, purples are hand-painted in watercolor then detailed with pen and ink. I chose some of my favorite flowers to paint. Cottage hollyhock, raspberry bee balm, blue larkspur, delphinium, coneflower, and lavender are all there with a bee or bumblebee too. Don’t you think this makes my original watercolor painting of botanical nature art a perfect choice for a farmhouse? Definitely a wonderful addition to your cottage style home?

Summer Flowers watercolor ink illustration by Laurie Rohner
Close-up of watercolor
Close-up of watercolor

Title: Summer Flowers
Medium: Watercolor on 140lb watercolor hot pressed paper
Size: 8 x 8 inches
Signature Laurie Rohner on the front. Back title, signed, and medium.


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Summer Sale is happening in my shop.

Have you checked out the summer sale yet in the shop. I dropped some prices just for you. These are some examples of what is on sale. Please stop in the shop and purchase one of my originals.

Love these lead hangers or key holders. ON SALE

Maybe you enjoy a lovely watercolor or small original oil painting? Check out this.

Shop Watercolor Oil Art of Garden Flowers Nature Wildflower Landscape Paintings – Painted Gifts – Painted Furniture Home Decor by Vermont artist, Laurie Rohner.

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New Wildflower with Bees Watercolor and Ink Illustration at Between The Weeds.

Wildflowers with Bees a watercolor and ink on paper illustration available in shop.

Wildflower Garden with Bees – Available

Wildflowers with Bees a watercolor and ink on paper illustration painted with delphinium, daisy, spiderwort, lace and a few bees. Detailed and delicately painted and drawn with ink pen. Comes with a white matte, backing and plastic sleeve for protection ready to be placed in your own frame.

Title: Wildflower Garden with Bees
Paper Size: 14 x 11 inches
Matte opening: 13.5 x 10.5 inches
Package Overall Size: 20 x 16

Ships flat via USPS.

Close up of Wildflower Garden with Bees
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Blue Flower Illustration Just Shipped to a New Home.

A delight to send this illustration out in the post today to its new home. Blue Flowers a delicate detailed blue flower hand-painted in watercolor and ink illustration. Pretty garden flower wildflower art features delphinium daisy larkspur and spiderwort.

Blue Flower Illustration SOLD

One of many illustration from my wildflower collection available at Between The Weeds. Sizes vary from small 5 x 7 to larger 11 x 14 complete with white matte and backing. All you need to do, choose your own frame.

Cottage Hollyhock Garden Poppies Bumblebee Watercolor – available
Garden Flowers Watercolor Botanical Wildflowers Floral Original Art – available
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The whimsical art of illustrations.

Illustrations garden flowers, wildflowers, nature, botanical floral hand drawn and painted using watercolor and ink. These very special paintings whimsical detailed illustrations by Laurie Rohner. Many paintings feature many of her favorite blooms such as coneflowers, delphinium, Queen Anne lace, poppies, thistle and butterfly bush. I love adding a few bumblebees, butterflies and dragonflies. Not just flowers found in this collection. Find a seasonal landscapes, a bird, a bunny or another woodland creature and her unique rustic illustration of nature. These illustrations come in easy to use sizes for frames. Many come with a complete package includes white matte and backing.

Red Poppies Wildflower Watercolor Illustration

I chose raspberry pink, reds, greens and a kiss of blue to create this wonderful original watercolor painting. Coneflowers poppies and bee balm are complimented by a blue wild lupine and bluets on the side. Just a hint of blue sky with a wash of green highlights the background. I painted it on 300 lb cold pressed watercolor paper. This is a nice sized painting, 14 x 11 and comes complete with a white matte and backing. Fits nicely in a 20 x 16 frame.

Garden Flowers Watercolor Botanical Wildflowers Floral Original Art

Large watercolor of garden flowers and wildflowers in a detailed nature botanical floral painting. Find red poppy and pink coneflower, some blue and yellow wildflowers, thistle, dill, and sweet pea. I even added a bee. There are so many wonderful detailed hand-drawn and painted flowers in my garden flower medley illustration. Whimsical botanical original art 24 x 18 inch in size makes a beautiful statement. Hang it in the nursery, give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.

Woodland Ferns Illustration Watercolor Butterfly Violets Original Painting

Mossy greens and lush earth tones give the warmth and closeness to nature with this amazing detailed watercolor and ink painting of ferns, a butterfly, and violets with a few acorns in a subtle woodland forest setting by Laurie Rohner. The greens are mossy and rich while the violets are a soft blue periwinkle that is composed in my nature art woodland flower original painting. I painted this watercolor and ink illustration on thick heavyweight 300 lb high-quality watercolor paper. Offering a complete package for this woodland illustration, comes with a 20 x 16 white matte with a 14 x 11 opening, white backing and plastic sleeve. You add the black frame.

Check out these 5 x 7 inch watercolors complete with white 8 x 10 white mattes and backing.

Holiday Trees with Cardinal comes with white matte
Wildflowers Watercolor Nature Garden Flower Art with White Mat

Many themes to choose from when you buy my smaller 5 x 7 watercolors. A complete package comes with an original watercolor, an 8 x 10-inch white matte with a 5 x 7-inch opening, and backing in a plastic sleeve. The mattes are nice professionally cut making your job easier to frame. At a great price too.