Pink Peony a Floral Watercolor and Original Painting.

Pink Peony Floral Watercolor Original Painting by Laurie Rohner
Pink Peony a botanical garden flower floral watercolor original artwork by Laurie Rohner is detailed realism, a favorite of many.

Pink Peony a botanical garden flower floral watercolor original artwork by Laurie Rohner is detailed realism, a favorite of many. I show the subtle shades of pink burgundy blue and brown as the light hits the petals.

I painted this flower from a photo I had taken of one of my peonies blooming in my very own garden. It is the first of a series of peonies being painted in a range of colors. This painting comes unframed. I used 300lb watercolor cold press paper which is thick with a slight texture (as shown in the second photo).

Pink Peony Floral Watercolor Original Painting
Available at Etsy Visit

Title: Pink Peony
Medium: watercolor on paper
Artwork Size: 8 x 10 inches
Paper Size: 9 x 12 inches
Signature: Signed on front; signature, date, title, medium en verso.

If you are not sure how to frame this artwork I would be happy to frame it for you.
Frames I use are silver or black metal with white mats.
The additional cost is about $60 and takes about 2 weeks to frame

Available HERE for purchase at

Prints available and more of my pink peony HERE.

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Working on floral watercolors.

Since moving back to Vermont I feel the tug or maybe my muse whispering in my ear to get back to my watercolors. Focusing back to creating realism with watercolors and painting botanical flowers and Vermont landscapes.

Original watercolor botanical floral art
Original floral watercolor of red tulip.

A single red tulip garden flower watercolor with detailed delicate realism is an original painting by Laurie Rohner.
My red tulip, a botanical original art floral watercolor, represents my love of botanical artwork. It is so real you feel you can scoop it up and hold it.

Great to give as a housewarming gift but why not give to your sweetheart.
My flower stays alive forever.

Can be framed with mat and frame or mounted on mat under glass.
I also love the new way to frame watercolors by adhering the artwork to a board sealing with non yellowing spray and framing as you would any oil painting.
Happy to help with framing options, please ask.

Title: Single Red Tulip
Medium: watercolor on paper
Paper: 140 lb. Strathmore watercolor paper
Paper and Image size: 6 x 18 inches

All rights are not transferable with sale of painting.

If you would like to buy this artwork please follow the link CLICK HERE


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Looking for Watercolor Prints?

I have revamped my prints at FineArtAmerica so now you can buy my original artwork along with my prints of the watercolors. I am so excited about this new venture and hope you will take a peak.


colorful garden flowers print by Laurie Rohner
A botanical wildflower watercolor illustration of colorful garden flowers print by Laurie Rohner.
buy prints at Laurie Rohner FineArtAmerica
New birch tree print.
Shop FineArtAmerica watercolor prints
New Woodland Winter Tree Print

Want to see more work in Watercolor Art Prints please click here.

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Seek and you might find you.

“What could I say to you that would be of value, except that perhaps you seek too much, that as a result of your seeking you cannot find.” ~Herman Hesse

Seeking, searching, trying to find the right answers forever moving so you can find the next level of living? of success? of happiness? What if you knew for absolute certainty everything in your life you think you don’t have is with you now. So all the running and moving and trying leads you in circles making you very dizzy. Stop spinning and sit down, take a breath and feel. I am guilty I am an addict seeker. I am also inquisitive open-minded and adventurous which can make me a bit weary.  I explore many beliefs and places absorbing what I can so that I can seek new ways of experiencing and expanding my life.

Eventually you have to stop and sit and digest what it is you have sought. I have sought a connection to the energy I feel vibrating all around me and yes it is a felt vibration. It is subtle.  Likened to white noise but when I focus I can feel it. Maybe you understand. I say this only to show how we all perceive our surroundings differently and we all seek answers for different reasons. If you are always moving you do not see what it is you need to see and what you seek is missed and blurred as you sail by at an incredible speed.

Searching is a beautiful journey if you remember it is only one part of the entire equation. We need to seek to learn and learning is needed to expand our life which circles me around to that is the purpose of all living things. Expansion. It is the law of the Universe which is expanding constantly therefore you are always expanding. We fuel part of the expansion because we are born of star-dust now that is a thought.

I seek and will continue to seek information that makes me a better person, a better artist , a better friend. They lead me to be what I really seek a joyful happy soul born in the midst of nebula’s and star-dust. That makes you pretty special.

Nature art acrylic original painting
Botanical Nature Art Original Acrylic Painting of Garden Flowers and Bees by Laurie Rohner Studio

Botanical nature art is an original acrylic painting of garden and woodland flowers and some bees is hand painted by Laurie Rohner. This painting is all about bees and garden cottage flowers in bright lush colors. I painted pink coneflower, minty herbs, larkspur and delphinium, queen anne lace, bee balm and hollyhocks and one or two bees too. It is fun and whimsical. Hang it anywhere you want a reminder of nature in full bloom.

An illustration acrylic painting is on canvas and ready to hang. Painted on all sides so you do not need a frame. This painting is the same style of painting found on my boxes and furniture which includes my signature ink drawing.

Title: Garden Flower and Bees.
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Palette: petal pink, soft cream, red, raspberry, deep green oxide, green, yellow, soft green,lavender,sky blue,purple.
Painting Size: 8 x 8 inches
Signature: Signed and dated on front
Unframed but Ready to hang!


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Each of us have a personal calling.

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you. ”
Oprah Winfrey

I love flowers because they are so strong yet so delicate. If I could I would paint a flower everywhere they cannot grow. Flowers make me smile. Flowers make you believe in things that are bigger than our selves. Flowers give your nose delight even if you sneeze. Flowers grow and never worry about the weather or human concerns. Flowers are. This is why I paint them. This is why I share them with you.

Featured here is a planter handcrafted by me and painted with herbs garden flowers and wildflowers. It is a bouquet of color and you can use it as a planter with herbs in the kitchen, keep utensils and napkins handy or fill it with annuals for the porch deck or outside room. It is being offered at this great new price of $79.00 and new shipping prices too. Shop at my Etsy Shop for more painted furniture and gift ideas.

Painted Furniture Botanical Garden Storage Box Farmhouse Cottage Planter

Painted Furniture Botanical Garden Storage Box Farmhouse Cottage Planter
Painted Furniture Botanical Garden Storage Box Farmhouse Cottage Planter Painted Furniture Botanical Garden Storage Box Farmhouse Cottage Planter Painted Furniture Botanical Garden Storage Box Farmhouse Cottage Planter Painted Furniture Botanical Garden Storage Box Farmhouse Cottage Planter Painted Furniture Botanical Garden Storage Box Farmhouse Cottage Planter
Painted furniture storage box is hand painted with botanical garden cottage flowers for home and garden. Use inside in the kitchen or use it for a planter with pansies or herbs planted in clay pots. Planter needs to be lined (not included) if planting directly into the planter.My custom made and hand crafted wooden storage utensil tote or planter painted a cottage creamy white is one of a kind. I hand paint garden wildflowers on the front and back.

Palette: raspberry, white, cream, leaf green, clear blue, cornflower blue, yellow, purple, lavender.

I use my tote for forks and knives and to keep my brushes clean and dry but you can add a plant or cut greens and you have a fabulous upscale shabby chic farmhouse cottage home accent. If you would like to use as a planter let me know and I will send some moss along to cover the pots at no charge(only within the 48 US states).

Made of pine
Tote measures:12.25″l x 6.5″d x 8.75″h
Inside compartments are 5″l x 5″w x 4.25″d.
Hours to finish about 4 hrs.

Each flower after carefully sketching them in place is hand painted and then I add a detailed ink line to finish my design. I love this style of painted furniture accents because it is fresh clean and has a touch of contemporary style. It is one of a kind treasures that will enhance your home decor. Guaranteed.

These are my original designs and I hand paint each piece.
All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

Some lovely words about their fabulous boxes.
*Prompt service, beautifully and professionally packaged. Gorgeous box, love it!!!!
*I love your shop and I will come back often to see new products.
*I absolutely love this box and Laurie personalized it for me. Shipped quickly and safely and looks gorgeous. Thank you!

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

I ship internationally. The amount shown is an estimate. I will refund any excessive overcharges.

More Painted Boxes:

For More Painted Furniture:
Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

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So somebody is using your design style and what are you going to do?

On Etsy front page there is a seller who is making out quite well and that is fabulous. The problem is she has copied my design style.  At first outraged and extremely upset with Etsy for promoting her work. She is young and living in Brooklyn (which is where is located). Her style was abstract. Now it is grass and flowers with my line work. She states that she draws each one by hand and her designs are not reproduced but her photos tell a different story. I have created my designs for decades now and I can honestly say I have never repeated a design exactly as the one earlier and never will. I take pride being the original designer of wildflowers and grass painted on wood walls and the occasional ceramic pottery. What made my work stand out was adding line work. For the most part all my designs are painted on pieces I have produced creating exceptional unique pieces of functional art.

Painted Furniture
Painted Keepsake Furniture with Flowers and Bees

Now I am sure we have all discovered people mimicking your style and like myself found themselves getting quite outraged. First calm yourself down and think about what has happened. I discovered instead of thinking she is stealing my style I flipped it around and said she is a success using my style so what I am doing must be good and well liked. Then I thought about what I was saying to the world with my thoughts and discovered I was limiting myself believing she was better than me or there wasn’t enough to go around for the two of us. And last I looked at what I could learn from her, how did she market ? were her pics better? her price point?

Everything in our lives happens good or bad (which is only your perception) for us to grow experience and learn. I am grateful for finding this artist. She is very talented and I really like her work which she does on ceramic. She has shown me to appreciate my style even more and to remember there is plenty for us all to prosper. At a time when I was doubting my style and ability in what I was doing I discovered her success and in turn found I still had value. So thank you my little etsy seller who lives in Brooklyn and paints her ceramics with grass and flowers. I wish you all the success you can paint.

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Custom painted wood trays you can order.

In my last post I mentioned completing an order for custom trays I had finished up for a client. Below are photos of the 8 trays. Each wood tray is painted with different flowers and are slightly different in sizes lending them to have a hand crafted one of a kind uniqueness which is what Between The Weeds is all about. If you would like a tray with a design you see below or certain flowers I can custom build your own tray or maybe you would like a nicely sized Keepsake Box instead. I can even paint something of yours just ship it to me and I will ship it back painted with your own pretty design.

with garden and wildflowers
Custom Painted Wood Tray with garden and wildflowers
Painted Bouquets
Custom Wood Painted Trays with different bouquets