Using a painting for my sign.

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New Between The Weeds Sign

Oh how much fun painting this sign with a twist. I took an old stretched canvas and repainted a painting of a whimsical farmhouse garden with my sign in the painting. This is the new style, a new branding for my studio. I decided being serious is overrated and fun is so much better.

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Have a brilliant fun day.


Have you checked out my prints?

Banner Between The Weeds

Lots of prints and things at Between The Weeds over at Society6 in a bunch of sizes on paper or canvas framed or unframed. I love working with Society6 because they offer the best in printing and customer service.

prints on canvas
Framed prints
contemporary-abstract-painting-spring-rain-carry-all-pouches set of 3
Carry all pouches

Asking for help. Share house for sale.

Maybe you know this but my house is for sale. I have hired realtors. For years I have waited for someone to find my house. This morning I was inspired to stop waiting and to ask for help from all of you out there to share this post. I know my special buyer is out there. I know all I need to do is to create a way for them to connect. So please share post tweet and so whatever you can so my buyer finds me. Gratitude. The joyful feeling of helping is all I can offer you. Thank you.

Elkin house for sale on Hawthorne Rd
Check out this house here.

Love this wonderful quote from Abraham Hicks.

Is harmony one note that everybody is singing? Or is it a whole lot of notes that are in vibrational harmony with each other? When you give your attention to anything, the Universe responds to it. When two of you are giving your attention to it, and there is no contradiction, it is a powerful vortex. That’s why a gathering such as this can achieve a great deal as you come together in greater and greater harmony and take thought beyond that which it has been before.


Excerpted from: Chicago, IL on April 25, 1999

Custom Ordered Wall Hanging Cabinet Sold.

Painted Hanging Wall Cabinet with Botanical Art
Custom Painted Hanging Wall Cabinet

I loved making this cabinet and happily sent it off to a wonderful person. She sent me a message “The medicine cabinet truly is a work of art! Thank you!”. Honestly I could not agree more.

This cabinet is painted with three different color paints, distressed and stain then added to give it a very custom look. The panel is a hardboard clay art panel. I used watercolors, ink and acrylics to recapture a painting I had done which the customer liked. A custom handcrafted cabinet and an original painting makes this very special and a work of art, yes?

hanging painted wall cabinet
Love the antique brass knob.

Cabinet ordered with 3 shelves and measures 20 x 14 x 4 inches with my wildflower painting on the front door.

Overall finished measurement is 23 x 16 x 5
Door measures 20 x 14
Added inside painting, magnet clasp, antique brass knob.

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Beautiful whimsical wild garden flowers are blooming in the garden.

Illustration Acrylic Botanical Art
New botanical acrylic painting.

New Garden Flowers Acrylic Original Painting

Beautiful whimsical wild garden flowers are blooming in the garden in this original acrylic painting. Do you love discovering what new blossoms have appeared today? I know I do.

This is a painting of some of my favorite blooms. Find butterfly bush, hollyhocks, columbine, teasel and trout lily are just a few. I chose acrylics on canvas with ink. This painting is much like my watercolors which is a big favorite.

Title: Wild Garden Flowers
Medium: Acrylic and Ink on canvas
Canvas Size: 24 x 24 inches
Unframed – Sides are painted.
Ready to Hang.

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Bunny Rabbits Ready For Spring Showers.

Her name is Ms Flora. Ms. Flora is a bunny rabbit. She is dressed in her spring rain gear with her umbrella at the ready and in her hand is a flower. The garden is in bloom around her and raindrops are starting to fall.

Watercolor Nature Illustration Art
Spring Bunny Illustration Nursery Art

Raindrops falling on my head is a watercolor illustration of my whimsical bunny. Great in a little girls room or nursery.

Title: Raindrops on my head.
Medium: watercolor on paper
Paper: 140 lb. Strathmore watercolor paper
Paper and Image size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches

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New Garden Watering Can Watercolor Illustration

hand painted watercolor illustrations
Garden Watering Can Watercolor Illustration

Cute garden landscape illustrates a watering can, plants in clay pots and a whimsical landscape of a garden gate trees and green grass. The day to plant is here and you have all your garden tools ready. I love this little illustration because it reminds me of days playing in the dirt and planting my lovely flowers. Any gardener knows that feeling. What a beautiful watercolor illustration to hang as a reminder.

Title: Garden Tools Medium: watercolor on paper
Title: Garden Tools

Title: Garden Tools
Medium: watercolor on paper
Paper: 140 lb. Strathmore watercolor paper
Paper and Image size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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