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Bye Bye Etsy.

Blue Hydrangea watercolor by Laurie Rohner

A new year has arrived. Changes are upon me.

The first change of the year is my decision phasing out my Etsy Shop. So when you go to my Etsy shop Between The Weeds you will read this:

My Etsy Shop is phasing out. I hope my wonderful clients will visit my websites below. You can find everything from art, painted furniture, prints and printed decor through my web sites at the best prices I can offer.

You can buy original art and custom painted furniture through my websites and link directly to my prints and printed home decor.
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Whitfield Studio –

Prints of garden flowers landscapes and original nature art available in many sizes at affordable prices. Find custom printed throw pillows, tapestries and fun catch-alls and totes here too. Hand Painted Furniture with nature botanical garden flower illustrations on farmhouse style custom made by Between The Weeds.

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The sales from my Etsy shop are few and spending more time and energy does not make sense. Etsy has changed. They are not that magical place where people could find quality handmade custom work. It is filled with prints knock offs from China and substandard products. There is still the most wonderful original work found but most serious artists have moved on with their own web sites.

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Since I work with FineArtAmerica and Society6 where you can buy any size print, on anything wood, paper, canvas, acrylic or metal, frame it, or buy from the large selection of home decor and accessories with a hassle free return policy at an amazing price why Etsy? Etsy charges for everything and I had to add the additional charges to the final price I charged at Etsy. This really bothered me. I felt like I was cheating my customer, though I was upfront with my policy at Etsy. Etsy customer (I have a record of you) get 10% off on select products.

I have gone back and forth with this for a year. I gave Etsy till the end of the year to prove their value. Sadly the stats proved me right. Etsy has changed. My web sites get an average of 1500 hits a day where Etsy could not break the 50 mark. At one time I had an average of 500 to 700 a day at Etsy. Etsy has stopped listing with Google. Their home page is confusing. Most of the products cater to one demographic, not mine. My clientele tends to be older, affluent and searching for custom one of a kind art and work.

I hope my clients at Etsy read this and understand. Please come and join me at Laurie Rohner Studio or Between The Weeds Marketplace for my original art and furniture and visit Whitefield Studio the gateway to my prints and printed decor.

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Keep your boundaries high, your expectations low, and your heart open.

“Any time I am in resentment, I am not taking care of myself. I am blaming someone else for something I need to do.”

“The higher the expectations, the lower the serenity. I try to keep my boundaries high, my expectations low, and my heart open.”  -Anon

Thinking about the troubles I see about web sites for government services and seeing how dangerous they are I considered my web sites. Was I offering my customers the best I could deliver and were they secure? I looked at both sites Laurie Rohner Studio and Painted Furniture Studio asking myself were they what I wanted and expected? is the host site of my web sites and recently upgraded their services for people wishing to sell products. I was involved in working with a beta store to give feedback. I love what they have put together. I have worked with many different selling platforms from Etsy to FASO and found them to be expensive. I do not understand why if you are promoting your work it is a good thing to promote these huge communities with different shops and artist, because that is what you are doing. More to my point I can keep my expectations low and my heart open to what it is I am doing, sharing my love for nature and what I see in the natural world and how spirit moves me to create. If I do not market my things it is because I chose that day not to and I am taking care of my business guiding it along the path I see ahead of me.

Vermont Birch Tree Landscape Original Oil Painting on Canvas Nature Art by Laurie Rohner

Today there is too much resentment and blaming. Blame anyone but yourself is the norm and taking control of your life, not an option. Why are we giving away our freedoms with such ease? The freedom to choose your own happiness comes from within and there is nothing outside of the true spiritual self that will change that spiritual law. Not only will you stay a prisoner in your life but joy and serenity starts to disappear. You are given windows to gaze through and you alone can decide the direction, the course you will take. When you realize you are in control of those decisions and take responsibility for the thoughts and actions you take, you will not find blame and you are free of all outside blame.

For several days I have reworked my sites. I wanted to make them easier to handle and for my customers to navigate easily. I think by the end of the week I will have it looking exactly the way I want it to look with a connection to nature and to the spirit of nature which is very important to my work. For I cannot say enough good things about this service and if you sell things online physical or digital you need to look into what they offer.

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Shine brightly and bring light to the darkness in others.

“Only by its own roots does a tree stand tall and only by its own light does the sun shine brightly and bring life to our world. So it is with you – only when you’re trusting, loving and rooted in your true Self will the life that is your highest potential begin to manifest. Only when you are walking on the path of your highest potential will you ever be able to shine brightly and bring light to the darkness in others.”  Anon

I want to share this artists work today with everyone. She is a fabulous artist who can capture the spirit’s essence of animals and people alike. She is offering her work at an incredible price and think this is a fabulous time to order something for the holidays. A pet portrait is something people can always cherish and especially since they only are here with us for a blink of an eye. Check out her web site and see if you can shine some light on her work today.

This is from her lovely blog. Enjoy.

Etsy Shop, The Artsy Corner

nanookSince I have so many followers, I thought I would share my Etsy special or I should say Pet Portrait special.  I’m currently offering custom portraits for $115 on Etsy.  Regular price is $150.  Portraits are not limited to just dogs and cats.  I would be happy to draw a portrait of any of your beloved pets.  I have many samples of my work on my website Pet Portraits by Heather Stewart.

If interested in having a portrait done please visit my shop for the special, The Artsy Corner.