Painted Farmhouse Furniture

Primitive Distressed Country,Farmhouse Style,Cottage Shabby Chic Decorative Decor from Tables and Chairs to Keepsake Storage Boxes and Serving Trays and everything in between is my painted farmhouse furniture.

Farmhouse Painted Chair $79 + shipping

My painted furniture pieces are my unique style of shabby chic cottage farmhouse,which is a refined slightly distressed farmhouse style, with custom finishes and original painted designscreated by Laurie Rohner(that is me). Each custom work is unique whimsical nature inspired and one of a kind created to inspire the soul.

When you buy a piece of art (furniture) you are buying a one of a kind handmade original. Each painted farmhouse furniture piece is sanded and prepped, first primed then painted or stained readying the surface for decorative painting. I typically lay out the design in pencil; set up a color palette, finishing the design with an ink pen in a linear fashion. All pieces receive several coats of varnish; in between each layer I hand rub the surface creating a soft buffed finish. Every piece of farmhouse furniture is finished with bee’s wax to ensure protection.

I adore farmhouse painted furniture and cottage shabby chic decor. Finding a piece of unloved furniture, dragging it back to the studio and cleaning it up to discover the treasure awaiting underneath is a passion since I was a younger person starting out on my own and trying to find furniture that fit my quirky sense of style to decorate my first place. My style has evolved from the trunk I found at the side of the road. I think it is more refined and upscale but always a keepsake treasure inspired by cottage chic with a twist of farmhouse contemporary. If you stop by the studio in Elkin, NC I have many bigger pieces for customers to take with them.

Painted Dresser
Custom Painted Dresser SOLD
Farmhouse Painted Furniture
Custom Work Clothes Press
Farmhouse Painted Furniture
Custom Painted Farmhouse Cupboard Rebuilt SOLD

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