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A gift that is unique distinctive bright colorful

Looking for a gift that is unique distinctive bright colorful and gives that person years of enjoyment? I have just what is needed with this original watercolor mixed media illustration of garden flowers and bees. Shop at Between The Weeds today.

Watercolor Mixed Media by Laurie Rohner
Cottage Garden I Watercolor Original Botanical Art Ready To Ship

This is an original watercolor of garden flowers with bees is a botanical art painting. My botanical watercolor is vibrant with colors of blue, pink, yellow, white, purple flowers and works well with Cottage Garden II. Art by nature artist Laurie Rohner for Between The Weeds.

I chose daisies, hollyhocks, Rudbeckia, Delphinium  for this painting of garden flowers with a few bees buzzing. Great way to keep the joy of a garden alive year long. Garden nature art is a whimsical original artwork and sure to bring joy to anyone in love with gardens.

Title: Cottage Garden I
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Palette: red, purple,blue,yellow, leaf green
Paper: Arches 140 lb cold pressed Arches Special MBM
Paper size is 12 x 16 inches
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title signed dated on verso.

Comes professionally wrapped and ready to give as a gift. Ships USPS mail.

Last Days to Ship

 VIA USPS to the USA per USPS

December 20 – First-Class Mail® & Priority Mail® Mail-by Date

December 23 – Priority Mail Express® Mail-by Date

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When its Friday, have a party?

My week has been an exhausting roller coaster of work, putting out fires and oh yes feeling stuck in the mud up to my eye balls. It is Friday so why not have a party? I am by nature a pretty upbeat type of person and look at life through optimistic eyes (usually). This week as of this very morning I said enough! I mean universe, Divine Source, God, Higher Consciousness or whatever you want to call the power in charge I need a break. A very big time out and I need to do it now. I am sure there are a few of you out there feeling the same way.

You turn on the TV and get blasted with the fiscal cliff (oh my) or some other insane news statement so off goes the TV. And I do have a huge problem with the Government in the USA. I feel every one who acts on the interest of politics and not the greater good are evil or insane. You know the saying by Einstein if you expect a different outcome … is insanity. It is the Christmastime season and other holiday celebrations now the attack is on Christmas and Christmas Trees (which is nuts). The Christmas tree is actually a pagan religion symbol the Christians stole. I am not a Christian nor do I practice any other religions. I am a spiritual being who embraces all the words and teachings of the Creator. Christmas is the season of forgiveness, possibilities and love. Truths and lies are so blurred and the human insanity is on an upswing that you have to wonder if it is all a big fat lie. The human race is running a muck maybe a conspiracy so huge is at the base of all the lies? But people are being manipulated led like sheep to the slaughter and it is time to shake ourselves out of it and question why?

Something keeps nagging at me, after getting the mail and opening a letter, I saw a light shine up at me. It was a letter from a woman who had received a box for her birthday from her family. I had personalized the box but it was a gift from her family, not me. She thanked me for making this box for her and the kindness in her words touched my very being. I then noticed an email from another customer I had just sent her a box in memory of her daughter and again the heartfelt words shone back from my screen.  All the worries of fiscal cliffs and Christmas being wiped off the celebration calendar meant very little. My work meant something to someone else. When our actions are formed with gratitude and kindness mixed with hard work and following the heart’s passion does anything else matter?

The best thing is when you look through the veil of lies and deceit of the ego mind, the fiscal cliff and Christmas and everything else what is left. A life plan that has always been there and that is to do no harm, ever. No unkind words, no lies to better your own agendas, no attacks on a religion because you have none or it is different, no thought that undermine another person validation is living your purposeful life.  Yes you still may walk through the mud up to your eyeballs but you will do it because you chose to not because you are a victim.

Bourbon Manhattan Cocktail
Tonight is party time it is Friday and I am celebrating my new found attitude with a favorite cocktail, a Manhattan. I am shaking off the dust of ego heavy minded thinking and listening to my lovely self for that is all the truth I need, for this night. Have a party tonight and discover a fabulous truth about your self, your mind is the illusion, not your life.


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Great gift ideas at Between The Weeds

Looking for some different gifts for someone or yourself this weekend? This is a sampling of what you can find in my Etsy Shop Between The Weeds along with so many other wonderful shop owners selling handmade one of a kind custom work. I do hope you take a moment and browse through my shop but if you see nothing in mine look through some of the other shops at

BetweenTheWeeds at Etsy
Great gift ideas at Between The Weeds

Painted farmhouse style decor with a distressed shabby chic finish or a watercolor with detailed realism to adorn the walls of your farmhouse cottage home is available to ship today. There is so much to see. Between The Weeds offers a little of everything for all size wallets but never is anything not unique quality one of a kind masterpieces. I hand craft all my farmhouse decor and hand paint each piece myself. I pay attention to the details of each keepsake and artwork whether it is a painted box, a realistic painting or one of my woodland fairy houses furnished with fairy furniture. I lovingly create something to inspire the spirit inside.