Painted Farmhouse Furniture

Painted trays with wildflowers
Example of Custom Painted Wood Trays

Between the weeds not only makes custom woodland fairy houses. I started some decades ago with craft shows and painting flowers on small little boxes and pillows. I evolved with tables and reclaimed furniture and furniture I had designed. Today I am  reaching the highest point taking everything from the past to create Between The Weeds. The fairy houses are from my flower shop days and the custom-made keepsake boxes from the original days at the craft fairs. Though the subject may change my signature style has not. My painted furniture always reflects what I find in nature painted with acrylic and oil paints and finished with an ink line. My signature honed throughout the years.

painted farmhouse furniture
SOLD Monet Storage Wooden Storage Trunk

Recently I custom-made a few trays for a client and love the bright crisp feel of the designs I created. In the same design I have custom-made Painted Keepsake Boxes available through my Etsy Shop – BetweenTheWeeds. I can paint a box for you as a gift for a wedding or birthday or to mark any wonderful moment in a life. This is an example of one of my one of a kind custom-made painted boxes.

Clients Finished Clothes Press

It is a pleasure to take a discarded piece of furniture and rework it bringing it back to an honored place in someone’s home. I love to sand removing the finish and paint from a surface and uncovering what possibilities lie ahead. Furniture is painted an undercoat before adding the base coats readying the surface for my decorative painting. Very time-consuming but necessary otherwise all my work will chip. Painted furniture is furniture that needs to be cared for and you should not expect the finish to withstand bangs and scrapes. This should be considered before buying any functional piece of art. The picture to the right is a Clothes Press which was refinished and repainted to match the clients colors. The design was reproduced after extensive drawings were made and OK’d by the client. I love this piece and after I finished the suite wished I could have kept it for myself.


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