About Nature Artist Laurie Rohner

Let me introduce myself, I am Laurie Rohner. I like to think of myself as a creator, builder and designer of beautiful functional art. My work encompasses different medium including watercolor oil and acrylic painting on paper canvas and wood. Murals using canvas with easy to apply adhesive backs are being added to my work. When I create my designs I feel a synergy between myself and nature and that energy or spirit is infused into my work. I often think I am not the one creating but the vessel in which the creation comes forth. 

Between The Weeds Shop - Nature Inspired.
Between The Weeds Shop – Nature Inspired.

Nature Art – Bringing the spirit and energy of nature to life in the form of original , watercolor oil acrylic paintings, watercolor illustrations and nature art blank cards, one of a kind, distinctive, nature inspired, cottage painted furniture, functional art, garden fairy houses at Between The Weeds.

Nature art paintings encompass botanical, landscapes and wildlife with detailed garden flower, herbs, wildflowers with bees, Vermont forests and scenic landscape are original artwork in watercolor oil and acrylic.
Be sure to check out my Painted Furniture Studio Here for my nature inspired cottage painted furniture and functional art.

Painted Furniture Studio
Painted Furniture Studio

My new interior design furnishings for cottage and farmhouse interiors are with nature always in the forefront of my designs. I find discarded furnishings and furniture give a new life to my designs and pay forward to future generations with keepsakes and stories told. What I enjoy about the farmhouse cottage style is how it is fresh and relaxing. How my designs connect to nature, making my furnishings sprout to life with whimsy and fun. My work can easily be mixed in an eclectic way with traditional and contemporary styles. Cottage is fun and it should welcome you home at the end of your day even if that cottage is on an upper floor of a high building. Any space  transforms into a space of warmth with nature. My nature designs make you feel at ease and at home.

I love nature so I paint what I love the garden, the forests and whatever I find. My work at the moment is paintings of birds, birds nests, botanical garden flowers, inspiring words with illustrations, woodland flowers animals and landscapes.

Special Note: I give all my clients the same high quality work. My work is special and one of a kind just like all the people who have honored me and bought from my shop.

A client once said, “PERFECTION! There is something about your style that I find mesmerizing… I love it!”

For more snippets and musings visit:

Check out my ETSY Shop at Between The Weeds
Enter my world – a place where passion,technique, and experience intertwine to create one-of-a-kind products from my hands and heart. Some would say with creation, you get a piece of the creator’s spirit. What you can be sure of is that you will get a piece that is uniquely your own.

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