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BetweenTheWeeds is a name first thought up while living in Vermont. I always thought I looked at life between the weeds, viewing the world with an observer’s eye. My name is Laurie Rohner, I am a creative business owner of Laurie Rohner Studio and Between The Weeds. I am a wonder-er of the whimsical, magical and mystical theories behind life. I am a firm believer with hard constant work and good planning you can accomplish everything you desire to imagine or dream into your life. You also have to be willing to fail learn and try another direction but that is what makes life fun.

I have been painting, drawing, designing in some way or fashion since I can remember. I received my BA in Studio Arts, where I studied the fine art of printmaking painting and interior design. My very first love was and still is watercolor paintings. Andrew Wyeth watercolors and Redoute illustrations inspire my work. My current obsessions include: natural history, botanical renderings, garden maps, archeology, botany, fairies, birds and bird nest study, wallpaper, calligraphy and cloud patterns.


About my oil watercolor paintings and illustrations.

My original watercolor paintings are unique and one of a kind. They are painted on both hot and cold pressed watercolor paper. Hot pressed paper has a smooth finish, while cold pressed paper has a textured finish. I use two different paper weights, 140lb. and 300lb. My watercolor paintings on 300lb paper are sturdy and do not flex and is the weight I prefer to paint on though costly. The original watercolor illustration renderings painted on 140lb. paper can be slightly wavy, a common characteristic of the medium, this is from wetting the paper with paint and water. In most cases the paintings dry flat. My paintings are titled, signed and dated in pencil on verso and initialed on the front.My watercolor illustrations of botanical garden flowers and natural history renderings of feathers, birds, nests and things found in nature are mixed with inspirational words to lift your spirit and fly. I use mostly 300lb rag paper. I like to think I give people some inspiration to follow the dreams they have for themselves with my renderings.
My oil paintings are mainly woodland forests filled with enchanted images of greens and browns with a hint of the sky coming through. These oil paintings on canvas are serene enchanted forests, woodland Vermont dirt roads and inspiring botanical garden flowers. Many of my woodland forests are paintings that show you where the veil between fairies and this world is the thinnest. I always imagine a few fairies playing in the landscape.

Please visit my Studio or Between The Weeds shop to buy my artwork.

About Painted Farmhouse Furnishings.

My painted furniture pieces are my unique style of shabby chic cottage farmhouse,which is a refined slightly distressed farmhouse style, with custom finishes and original painted designs created by Laurie Rohner (that is me).  Each custom work is unique whimsical nature inspired and one of a kind created to inspire the soul.When you buy a piece of art (furniture) you are buying a one of a kind handmade original. Each painted farmhouse furniture piece is sanded and prepped, first primed then painted or stained readying the surface for decorative painting. I typically lay out the design in pencil; set up a color palette, finishing the design with an ink pen in a linear fashion. All pieces receive several coats of varnish; in between each layer I hand rub the surface creating a soft buffed finish. Every piece of farmhouse furniture is finished with bee’s wax to make sure protection.

I adore farmhouse painted furniture and cottage shabby chic decor. Finding a piece of unloved furniture, dragging it back to the studio and cleaning it up to discover the treasure awaiting underneath is a passion since I was a younger person starting out on my own and trying to find furniture that fit my quirky sense of style to decorate my first place. My style has evolved from the trunk I found at the side of the road. I think it is more refined and upscale but always a keepsake treasure inspired by cottage chic with a twist of farmhouse contemporary. If you stop by the studio in Elkin, NC I have many bigger pieces for customers to take with them.

I specialize in Painted Storage Boxes. These handmade custom creations of wood are fabulous keepsake and I personalize them to my clients needs at no extra charge. The design is sketched by hand on my custom crafted wooden keepsake storage boxes. Since I design and handcrafted each box the size of the boxes can vary. I hand paint and add my signature line work. Each box is a one of a kind work. I do not use stencils transfers or prints and they are always my original work.
Every piece signed and dated.

Again please visit my Studio or Between The Weeds shop to buy my fabulous one of a kind farmhouse cottage decor and furniture.

About my fairy houses:

These whimsical sculpted fairy houses can be purchased at Laurie Rohner Studio Shop or Between The Weeds Shop. One of a kind custom sculpted woodland fairy houses covered with moss and furnished with fairy furniture are custom handmade one of a kind fairy sculptures from things I find in nature and enchanted woodland forests, moss, twigs, lichen, bark and cones. I nail adhere or glue by hand in place.
You can buy these one of a kind fairy houses here along with my fairy furniture.

Words from other fairy house owners:
*Beautiful fairy house! The packaging was lovely, thanks a lot!
*Absolutely divine! My mother says this is the best gift she ever received! Thank you so much for making such glorious treasures!
*Very pretty and just the right size for my fairy bug!
*Dear Laurie our Fairyhouse arrived today and it is simply marvelous. Your handwritten note makes it all the more special. I can’t wait to give it to my daughter-in-law for her birthday , she will just be tickled pink. Thank you so much for creating it and sending it so quickly.

These are my original designs and I hand craft each piece for my woodland fairy houses and fairy furniture.

I hope you enjoy my collection of work. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you!

For more snippets and musings visit:


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Laurie Rohner retains all copyrights on images.
Copyrights are not transferable with sale.

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