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My Etsy solution is simple.

I really did NOT want to shut down my shop at etsy but felt very betrayed by their business practices. My solution is this and maybe you can utilize the same. I am only selling small art and prints, small painted furnishings and small garden themed gifts at etsy. The stock in my Etsy store will be changing as my listings come up for renewal. The items I will keep in Etsy, low priced and light to ship. Due to the additional shipping charge added by Etsy I have added a flat handling fee to the shipping.

Bouquet colored pencil copy
Check it out! Available in print too at Society6 Between The Weeds

Now the great find is squareup shops. You can visit mine HERE. These little gems are easy to set up and all you do is pay square (etsy offered connecting to square at a higher rate) but when you go directly to square the processing fee is low or about the same as PayPal and that is it. NO MONTHLY FEE, NO TRANSACTION FEE, Etsy! You can add shipping charges or set a flat rate. You can set up sales tax. The big thing I found is you can add a shop link to any website or you can add a domain name to your squareup shop.  You can order a chip card reader for all phones with a great processing fee too.

If you have any questions about Square please feel free to ask me. I will try to answer them.

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Bye Bye Etsy.

Blue Hydrangea watercolor by Laurie Rohner

A new year has arrived. Changes are upon me.

The first change of the year is my decision phasing out my Etsy Shop. So when you go to my Etsy shop Between The Weeds you will read this:

My Etsy Shop is phasing out. I hope my wonderful clients will visit my websites below. You can find everything from art, painted furniture, prints and printed decor through my web sites at the best prices I can offer.

You can buy original art and custom painted furniture through my websites and link directly to my prints and printed home decor.
Laurie Rohner Studio –
Between The Weeds –
Whitfield Studio –

Prints of garden flowers landscapes and original nature art available in many sizes at affordable prices. Find custom printed throw pillows, tapestries and fun catch-alls and totes here too. Hand Painted Furniture with nature botanical garden flower illustrations on farmhouse style custom made by Between The Weeds.

Join my newsletter at

Thank you for visiting today! It is a pleasure to share my work with you.
Do contact me if you have any questions!

The sales from my Etsy shop are few and spending more time and energy does not make sense. Etsy has changed. They are not that magical place where people could find quality handmade custom work. It is filled with prints knock offs from China and substandard products. There is still the most wonderful original work found but most serious artists have moved on with their own web sites.

Prints, Art, Canvas Floor Cloths, Murals,

Since I work with FineArtAmerica and Society6 where you can buy any size print, on anything wood, paper, canvas, acrylic or metal, frame it, or buy from the large selection of home decor and accessories with a hassle free return policy at an amazing price why Etsy? Etsy charges for everything and I had to add the additional charges to the final price I charged at Etsy. This really bothered me. I felt like I was cheating my customer, though I was upfront with my policy at Etsy. Etsy customer (I have a record of you) get 10% off on select products.

I have gone back and forth with this for a year. I gave Etsy till the end of the year to prove their value. Sadly the stats proved me right. Etsy has changed. My web sites get an average of 1500 hits a day where Etsy could not break the 50 mark. At one time I had an average of 500 to 700 a day at Etsy. Etsy has stopped listing with Google. Their home page is confusing. Most of the products cater to one demographic, not mine. My clientele tends to be older, affluent and searching for custom one of a kind art and work.

I hope my clients at Etsy read this and understand. Please come and join me at Laurie Rohner Studio or Between The Weeds Marketplace for my original art and furniture and visit Whitefield Studio the gateway to my prints and printed decor.

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Artist. Have you tried Society6 to showcase your art on prints and products?

Have you found this place yet called Society6?

When you buy a product from Society6, we produce it using only the highest quality materials, and ship it to you on behalf of the artist. Artists! Learn more about selling your artwork as gallery quality art prints, iPhone cases, t-shirts and other fine products – without giving up control of your rights.

Society6 was founded by Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall-Caste and Justin Wills.

Selling your artwork as a product on Society6 is as simple as making a Post – except you make money from it. All you have to do is post your artwork to make it immediately available for sale as a variety of products. When you sell a product, we’ll produce it, package it and ship it for you, so that you can focus on making more art!

The above are excerpts from Society6. Check the site out Click Here

Landscape Vermont by BetweenTheWeeds


Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 1″ border for framing.

I have just started to add images. These are a few of the products I have added my images to along with prints and printed canvasses.

Lion throw pillow
Landscape Forest Vermont Throw Pillow
Landscape Mug

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Botanical nature art watercolor print at Between The Weeds.

After asking Etsy if I could do this in my shop I have decided to add prints of my original artwork. Etsy even said it is OK to ship it from the print site I use as long as it is in my about section. Just because I am so thorough I have added information in my policies section too.

This is one of the prints available but I am adding more.

Between The Weeds Etsy Shop
Botanical Watercolor Painting Garden Flowers Giclee Print Reproduction by Laurie Rohner

Garden Botanical Nature Art Watercolor print of my original painting garden flowers. This is a botanical garden illustration with an assortment of wildflowers and garden favorites. This print is a museum quality reproduction of an my original artwork by Laurie Rohner

Garden Flowers
Image size 14 x 11 inch
Paper size 16 x 13 inch
Palette Colors: raspberry pink, leaf green, hot pink, clear blue, smokey amethyst, soft purple, lavender.
The original watercolor painting sold by Laurie Rohner.

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Our past is not as important as our future.

So why is a car’s WINDSHIELD so large and the Rear View Mirror so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. So, look ahead and move on. 

-Leonard Velasquez, a Contagious Optimism coauthor

Nature art watercolor botanical garden wildflowers and bees.
Nature art watercolor botanical garden wildflowers and bees.

My nature art watercolor painting is an original botanical garden painting of woodland wildflowers and bees. The title of this whimsical painting is Woodland Wildflowers and Bees by Laurie Rohner. Each flower is painted by hand and then I apply ink. This is a delightful whimsical botanical illustration and is affordable. This painting ships to the USA for only $3.00.

Title: Woodland Wildflowers and Bees
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Palette: green, pinks, soft green,lavender,sky blue,purple.
Paper: Arches 300lb hot pressed watercolor rag paper.
Image/Paper size is 8 x 10 inches
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title signed dated on verso.

Small Fact: I suggest mounting the painting on a matte and framing under glass.

Nature Art Woodland Wildflowers Bees Watercolor Painting Original by Laurie Rohner

Buy art, original watercolor nature art, inspired by botanical gardens and nature, makes great wall art. Original art for sale online here at Laurie Rohner Studio. You will love my hand-painted watercolor nature art. Great for gift giving home decorating and fine art collectors.

My nature art work is original one-of-a-kind paintings that are suitable for framing. The watercolor art you will receive has its own unique and individual qualities only an original watercolor can give.

All of my watercolors are made with the finest archival quality materials – Arches Watercolor Paper and Windsor and Newton Artists Quality Watercolors – and professionally packaged to arrive safely.

Windsor and Newton Artist Quality Watercolors are renowned for their superior color permanence, balance and amazing color range.

All my art including this artwork are original miniature watercolors suitable for framing, enjoy them in your home or send as a unique gift to that special someone.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

Your painting is safely packed and shipped via Priority Mail. I ship everywhere please read shipping policy for more information.

For more info about paintings

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Start telling a better-feeling story.

Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before yours eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those Laws.

Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction — 3/31/09

Today our society is telling stories with too much information about themselves and about others. In all these different versions how many are truthful and how many tell an awesome story. Inside each of us is an amazing magical story. Why do we not tell those stories? Probably because we are fearful of what might happen. Will we still be liked (not loved) I mean liked for the authentic story we tell. Will people accept me or understand? What is not understood is it is not the factual story the Universe is interested in, it is the story of feelings and emotions and how do you see ourself in this enormous wonderful existence on this tiny little ball called Earth. The story is about your connection with you and the deliberate alignment with the Universe. An alignment made up of equal parts of emotion (feelings) body (physical) and soul (energy). We are existing in physical bodies filled with emotions and at the core or the engine propelling us forward is a spiritual soul. There is a saying I love and it says Believe in yourself and magic will happen.

Watercolor Pink Foxglove Botanical Flower Original Nature Art Garden Painting

Watercolor on Paper available at Laurie Rohner Studio

Original large watercolor of pink foxglove is a detailed garden painting and an original botanical flower nature art hand painted by Laurie Rohner. Botanical art at its best.

Foxglove – digitalis – are an interesting flower to paint because they have many different blooms. I chose to show each one uniquely painted with detail depth. Imagine this flower surrounded by dozens of these botanical garden flower stems, it is nature giving us a smile.

Title: Pink Digitalis
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Palette: deep green, pink, pink, poppy red, soft yellow, white, cream, green,brown.
Paper Type: 140lb rag hand molded watercolor paper
Paper Size: 30 x 11 inches
Image size: 30 x 11 inches
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title signed date on verso.

I paint using a process called glazing. It is layering pigments down on top of each other building depth of pigment and emotion through color. The process is labor and time intensive. This painting took approximately 56hrs to complete. There are about 10 layers of pigment on this painting.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.

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Out from a big sticky problem came bees and flowers.

“Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.”

Ralph Marston

Original art by Laurie Rohner
Bees and Flowers Nature Art Original Acrylic Painting Botanical Garden Canvas Artwork

Bees and Flowers Nature Art botanical garden painting is an original acrylic canvas artwork by Laurie Rohner. It is a colorful garden painting with bees and yellow daisies, grape hyacinth, clover, lavender, coneflower, flax seed, grass, lambs ear, forget-me-knots and yarrow. These flowers will definitely make you smile.

I have painted the sides of the painting and the bottom has a green grass wash. I painted some of the flowers you would find during the year and not any one season.

Color Palette: petal pink, soft cream, red, raspberry, deep green oxide, green, yellow, soft green,lavender,sky blue,purple.

Canvas nature art original painting
Bees and Flowers Nature Art Original Acrylic Painting Botanical Garden Canvas Artwork Side View

An illustration acrylic original painting is on canvas and ready to hang. Painted on all sides so you do not need a frame. This painting is the same style of painting found on my boxes and furniture which includes my signature ink drawing.

Great in nursery baths kitchens beds and use with any decorating style.
Give as a birthday gift or new home buyers gift.

Check it out and other nature art paintings at Between The Weeds Shop


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Seize the moment. Do it now!

“Excitement must lead to immediate action or you will lose the power of momentum. More dreams die because we fail to seize the moment. Do it now!”

Tony Robbins, one of the TOP motivational speakers and authors.


I started new work because I listened to what my clients were saying. Keeping your work evolving and experimenting with new concepts and medium allows the creative side of any dream to give birth. It is exciting following a new direction. It is what keeps a dream flowing.

These are two of the recent works I am creating in my studio at Laurie Rohner Studio and Between The Weeds Etsy Shop. I am an artist. I believe original paintings and original functional art is the higher calling using my gift and talent. I believe I can offer original artwork for sale and not reproduce my paintings on demand. I often think about the collector who spends the higher price to buy your work, then you start to reproduce it. Not limited editions but with no set amount. Is the original art still of any value? This is what cheapens artists. It is easy to follow the easier of paths and the money is nice but I think about the collectors of your original work. Eventually a new trend will come along and your work may become obsolete and the market is flooded with your cheap prints. If value is to be given to any dream it must start with the original concept. You started painting to sell your original art to people who admire it.

Between The Weeds Etsy Shop

Pink Lotus Flower Watercolor Nature Botanical Garden Art Original Painting

Pink lotus flower is an original watercolor nature art painting titled Balance. This great watercolor is of a lotus flower or lily and lily pads I found at the botanical gardens in Longwood Gardens.

This is NOT a PRINT but an affordable original watercolor hand painted by Laurie Rohner.

Palette: petal pink, gold yellow, teal, deep blue, green.

Between The Weeds Etsy Shop

Garden Nature Art Daisies Watercolor Original Painting

Garden Nature Art.
Original botanical watercolor painting, title Daisies is a woodland herbs garden flower illustration original art by Laurie Rohner.

My botanical watercolor of woodland wildflowers herbs and daisies is painted with shades of blues white and greens. This watercolor painting depicts some of the pretty blooms I find in the garden and countryside. Maybe you have some growing in your own?

Wall artwork for farmhouse, cottage chic and loft decor.

About the watercolor originals.

You can mount them in a frame to add a bit of sparkle to your walls, artwork for farmhouse, cottage chic and loft decor.

These are NOT PRINTS
Arches 300lb hot pressed watercolor rag paper.
This is slightly rough thick hand made paper.

Paper size is 6″ x 4″
Unframed are wrapped and ships in a flat mailer.

Small Fact: The paper is so thick you can attach a ribbon to the back and hang it. I suggest mounting the painting on a matte and framing under glass.

These are my original designs and I hand paint each piece.
All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

SHIPPING TO THE USA is at no charge. I refund any over charges in shipping.
I ship everywhere and the shipping charge outside the US is for International Flat Rate for Envelopes. If there are any other fees and charges to you after they are your responsibility and vary with different countries.

For more info about Laurie Rohner Studio visit.

A closing thought is people like to use the phrase going with the flow. Dreams are funny because they change becoming at times bigger at other times unrecognizable from what was thought to be the Dream.  Still if the excitement and energy is still flowing then the momentum will and is in absolute motion. Just realize all things are in motion even your dreams. It is you who stops and allows the dream to die.


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The painted life.

I love being an artist because I get to see so many fabulous imaginative fantastic beautiful wonderful places sitting right where I am. My painted life is just what I ordered.

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Let everything go – purge yourself then your creative self comes out.

“Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything . . . whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.” Tina Turner.

I create functional art for different styles of homes though mainly a cottage farmhouse is what I tend to cater to in my business. I have tried to market to all ages and to all decorating styles. I find I am selling, but at what price? Not monetary but physically it is zapping my energy. I have concentrated my energy finding some solutions and think I have a better understanding what I need to get rid of to be more effective. A great place to find good information about selling and marketing your work is at Handmadeology.

In the next few weeks I am switching things around and making my marketing presence to fit my business. I am concentrating on custom work. Nature Art paintings of botanical garden flowers that resemble my art found on the custom keepsake nature boxes. The first task in my new approach is to brand Me. I am all about nature and gardens. Love soft colors with a surprise of color just enough to keep you interested in the work, little candy for the senses. Be sure to stay tuned to Laurie Rohner Studio and my new shop on Meylah Between The Weeds.

Painted Peg Board Furniture Organizer Farmhouse Cottage Landscape Nature Art

Painted peg board furniture organizer meets all your needs features a landscape painting nature art by Laurie Rohner. Cottage chic farmhouse furniture meets landscape painting. What a fun piece? A drake wood duck swimming on a pond and the border is painted a dreamy watery aqua blue (Woodland Blue by Benjamin Moore). Hang towels organize all your dogs gear on five (5) pegs without taking away from this wood duck original painting. Note: this is not just for dogs and pets. Can be used for belts, scarves, necklaces, keys, jackets and clothes. Great to hang a towel from after drying the dog off and maybe you.

Have a Nature Keepsake Box custom made for you or another today.

I specialize in Painted Nature Keepsake Boxes for new babies,brides and special occasions. Interested you can contact me through this contact form with any questions.