Burgundy Wine Tulips – New Original Watercolor.

Burgundy Wine Tulips Watercolor

Burgundy wine tulips watercolor detailed realism creates a stunning original painting. So realistic you might think you could pick them up.

Burgundy Wine Tulips Watercolor

Title: Burgundy Wine Tulips
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Image size: 6 x 6 inches
Signature: Signature, title, date en verso.

Great gift for her. Nice size to hang in frame (not provided) on wall.

Create well-being with art.

It does not matter whether you are living in a country where there are some frequent terrorist attacks, or in a country where there are random acts of violence. It does not matter what the culture is — it is only the feeling of vulnerability that ever puts you into a vibrational harmony with that which you fear. When you realize that by working to achieve your feeling of Well-being, it is then impossible for you to ever rendezvous with anything other than Well-being — that is the only place that freedom will ever be.



Available Original Oil Painting of a Serene Forest Landscape in Vermont.

Woodland Landscape Oil Painting Vermont Fairy Trees Nature Art by Laurie Rohner

Woodland Vermont landscape oil painting on canvas of Forest Fairy Trees hand painted nature art by Laurie Rohner. This original artwork gives you the viewer a look into the landscape of a serene enchanted forest where fairy play.

Inspired by the Impressionist style, my original oil painting shows a wooded landscape opening filled with ferns and sweet tall grass and surrounded by lush scented pines and spruces. It was a special place I would walk to in Vermont.

Titled: Into the Woods
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Palette: umber,dark chocolate, green, yellow green,browns.
Canvas Type: Gallery Wrap
Canvas Size: 8 x 8 inches
Image Size: 8 x 8 inches
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title signed date on enclosed card in back.
Ready to hang!

The painting measures is on a gallery wrap canvas (1.25″ deep) with staples on the back. This paintings is beautiful color and a great finish from high quality oil paints.

The staple-free sides of the canvas are painted. The edges are painted a rich chocolate to resemble dark wood. The painting is varnished. Ready to hang or perch on a shelf or small easel.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and stay with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

Your painting is then safely packed and shipped via Priority Mail.


You’ve already got the solution under way.

You cannot notice what-is and complain about it, and be a vibrational match to the solution. When you were living the problem, you were asking for the solution, and Source said yes immediately.

 So, there’s never a reason for you to be wallowing around in a problem for more than about a second? You can get so good at this that before you’re even aware that the problem has gotten started, you’ve already got the solution under way.



Vermont Oil Painting Original Scenic Landscape Artwork by Laurie Rohner Mt Mansfield

Original oil painting of Vermont My Mansfield and Pastures by Laurie Rohner Studio

Vermont oil painting of a scenic mountain landscape is original nature art hand painted by Laurie Rohner titled Pastures Below Mt. Mansfield. A realistic Vermont landscape is an original oil painting.

A summer scene of picturesque Vermont depicting Mount Mansfield in the distance and a wonderful Vermont farmhouse and barn in the foreground. I painted this pastoral landscape with detailed realism, the richness of the pasture in direct contrast to the image of the mountain peak in the distance. My use of color draws the viewer into the painting where you discover the quaint farmhouse and the barn on the ridge.

Title: Pastures Below Mt. Mansfield.
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Palette: blue, light leaf green, rich deep green, golden yellows, barn red, soft teal green, flaxen yellow.
Canvas Size: 10 x 10 inches.
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title date signed certificate enclosed on verso.
Ready to hang!

The painting is on gallery wrapped canvas (3/4″ deep) with staples hidden on the back with wood. This painting has beautiful color and a great finish from high quality oil paints.

The staple-free sides of the canvas are painted. The painting continues around to the sides – framing is not required.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

Your painting is then safely packed and shipped via Priority Mail.




In optimism there is magic.

“We’re asking you to trust in the Well-being. In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. In positive expectation there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing. What you’re wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is. What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze. Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place. In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy. Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you.”
Esther Abraham-Hicks, is a best-selling author and motivational speaker.
Original art watercolor by Laurie Rohner
Vermont Watercolor Landscape Painting Trees Woodland Fairy Forest

Once upon a time I lived in a wonderful place called Vermont, maybe you have been there? I remember the beautiful cool woods I would escape to on a warm summer day. You could smell the ferns in the air as a gentle breeze would kiss your face. This is where fairies live and earth magic is alive. Great painting to compliment your fairy houses.

Painted on a specially treated watercolor cradled panel.
My watercolor is painted much like an oil painting, but now this artwork is for sale without the need of glass, what a fabulous concept. Painting is on a special treated panel with a 2″ band of wood around the panel. The panel is protected with a fixative and ready to hang without the need of glass or glazing.

Palette: earth brown, deep green, golden yellow, leaf green, sky blue, bark brown, payne gray, sage green.

Watercolor on panel.
12″H x 12″W

Available in my shop at Between The Weeds.

Each morning you get another chance to create something fabulous.

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Watercolor on Paper  Laurie Rohner
Watercolor on Paper
Laurie Rohner

This quote hit a home run this week. After the turmoil of cleaning up after the storm and then looking at the computer seeing no action for my Etsy Shop I decided it was time to take advantage of a new morning. I started with taking a quick course on landing pages for maximum SEO exposures. I looked at my Etsy shop which is withering away and I have not a clue about why. I have not changed anything so they must have changed something for me to have an average of views between 300 to 500 dropping down to a dismal 20 to 80 hits. Pondering this I looked at my website and thought now is the time to ramp it up. I do not have time to keep figuring out why Etsy does what it does and other things I can do to market and promote my creative business. Many people are looking for new ways to do this. Here are a few I think worthy of checking out.

  • Create a website (I use weebly) Check out free site and figure it out so you can always promote your work, not the masses work.
  • Sign up for HubSpot newsletter great for web and small business info.
  • Check out Meylah for an alternative to Etsy. Be sure to check out My store .  It is free to list your items and you pay a small percentage when you sell. Also your store is set up with your products listing like a post and has great links, more links than on Etsy and these links work. You can add links in the listing description to other sites too without the wrath of the Etsy gods swooping in and suspending you store. Another huge plus Meylah tweets your tweets. Nice.
  • I am also checking into IndieMade which is comparable to both online venues but they have a set subscription low monthly fee. I am still checking this one out.
  • I implemented drastic changes to my web site with many more coming at Laurie Rohner Studio and will bring my other web site Painted Furniture Studio up to speed now too.

I rely on my business as many artists do because not all artist are starving and some of us believe our work has value. I am happy to promote another artist’s work and spread the joy of anyone’s creation. I believe we all have a place to do what we love to do, mine is creating art on painted furniture on paper and canvas and sometimes on this computer. It is in the attitude you take when you view you and your work. Are you serious about it? Is it a business? Is it in your blood so that when you stop you start to wither away? Do you believe you can? Better yet do you believe you must and you deserve the successful outcome you envision for you? So why are you not working hard and if it is not working figure out what needs to go so you can work even harder at making it happen.

This is why I am thinking Etsy has run its course for most artists who create one of a kind work. One example is original artwork is being replaced with mass produced prints that are printed off an ink jet printer. Or mass produced off site then shipped to unknowing art lovers. Etsy is being swamped with retailers that have retail shops. Great because it is a cheap way for a retailer to advertise but for the handmade person it is impossible to compete. This is against the rules yet as long as you pull in the dollars for Etsy it is OK. I personally think most of Etsy rules are ridiculous. Things change and that is good but you then have to change to meet the new challenge. Not a bad challenge because life is about changing. The artist needs it to keep their muses and creative energy flowing.

You have to think how is this helping my business? Each morning when you get up remember it is a new day and today you can change everything or nothing. It is your choice. You will never know what one little tweak here or there will do unless you are open to the possibilities of what if. Today does matter not tomorrow and certainly not yesterday. I think back to last Saturday and there was no power, no computer and I see what each morning has given me. Now what about you?

Adding value to other people’s lives with painted nature boxes.

“Most people are so stuck in their egos that everything revolves around me, me, and more me. But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can’t only be about you. It has to include adding value to other people’s lives.”

T. Harv Eker, motivational speaker and best-selling author.

With each creation I make and paint I add some part of myself creating the work. I create to bring nature into our lives through functional art. I find a special energy in a work that is hand-made and  hand painted with the intent to bring pleasure to someone else. Whether the artist creates the work for you or for a gift for you to give to a special person in your life it is created from an act of love. The love the artist gives making the work flows then to the person that is buying the work and on and on it goes. What a nice way to think when you are browsing through sites and looking for gifts. Think about who made it was it made with love from an artist  or a large impersonal corporation. Are you adding value to the life of the person buying or receiving the work?

I have added this lovely new large painted nature box to my shop with the intent it would enhance and add to your life. I give to the work and then send it on for another to add to their lives. Could life be any better? Check out all the nature and love inspired work in my shop at Between The Weeds.

Painted Nature Box Woodland Botanical Garden

Custom Made Storage Painted Furniture by Laurie Rohner.

Painted Nature Box Custom Made Furniture Woodland Botanical Garden Storage Laurie Rohner
Painted Nature Box Custom Made Furniture Woodland Botanical Garden Storage Laurie Rohner Painted Nature Box Custom Made Furniture Woodland Botanical Garden Storage Laurie Rohner Painted Nature Box Custom Made Furniture Woodland Botanical Garden Storage Laurie Rohner Painted Nature Box Custom Made Furniture Woodland Botanical Garden Storage Laurie Rohner Painted Nature Box Custom Made Furniture Woodland Botanical Garden Storage Laurie Rohner

Custom made painted nature furniture, my handmade painted nature storage box is painted with woodland botanical garden flowers in greens and whites by Laurie Rohner. I painted the poplar wood a lovely shade of the softest creamy gray taupe white. I love this base color. To compliment the color I decided to use a subtle simple design with greens and white flowers that cascade down the front. The botanical woodland flowers are from hydrangea to Queen Ann’s Lace and Lily of the Valley. Easily compliments farmhouse cottage or loft decors.

Display it on a chest of drawers or table. Stuff it with journals or scarves or even in the bath with toiletries.

Great gift for the bride or wedding couple. Give it to your Mom for all the family memories. Makes a great housewarming and birthday gift,too.

Palette: dark green, olive, leaf green, white, cream, light pewter gray.

Measures:outside 14.75″ x 11.5″ x 8″ high. inside 12.75″ x 9.75″ x 6.5″ high.
The sides of this nature box are 1/2 stock poplar with mortised hinges.

The design is sketched on my own hand crafted wood keepsake box. I hand paint and add my signature line work. Each box is a one of a kind work. I do not use stencils transfers or prints and they are always my original work. A functional piece of art can easily fit any decor from traditional funky whimsical or of course farmhouse.

Every piece is signed and dated.
Hours to complete 7 1/2hrs
Ready to ship.

Some lovely words about their fabulous boxes.
*Prompt service, beautifully and professionally packaged. Gorgeous box, love it!!!!
*I love your shop and I will come back often to see new products.
*I absolutely love this box and Laurie personalized it for me. Shipped quickly and safely and looks gorgeous. Thank you!

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

I ship internationally. The amount shown is an estimate. I will refund any excessive overcharges.

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New nature cards available of a bunny, fox,mountain lion or harbor seal.

Have you seen my new nature cards? Some wonderful woodland creatures and one lonesome harbor seal are now available in my etsy shop Between The Weeds. They are small and great as gifts cards, invitations, or frame them. You get to choose from a bunny, fox, mountain lion (cougar) or harbor seal. Place an order with my shop that is full of woodland and garden themed home furnishing and original nature art and get a card free. You can choose from the four designs.

Pen and Ink drawing of nature animals.
Card Black and White Ink Illustration.
Available are bunny,cougar,harbor seal and fox.
This is a reproduction print from my original drawing.

Paper is heavy 140lb stock ivory.
Card size 4.75″ x 3.25″
Envelope is USPS reg. size 4.25″ x 5.75″
Set of 2

The paper is high quality professional stock paper.
The print is an excellent reproduction of the original.

I ship everywhere please before you order ask for international shipping actual charge to your location. The price for shipping everywhere is only an estimate.

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