Bye Bye Etsy.

Blue Hydrangea watercolor by Laurie Rohner

A new year has arrived. Changes are upon me.

The first change of the year is my decision phasing out my Etsy Shop. So when you go to my Etsy shop Between The Weeds you will read this:

My Etsy Shop is phasing out. I hope my wonderful clients will visit my websites below. You can find everything from art, painted furniture, prints and printed decor through my web sites at the best prices I can offer.

You can buy original art and custom painted furniture through my websites and link directly to my prints and printed home decor.
Laurie Rohner Studio –
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Prints of garden flowers landscapes and original nature art available in many sizes at affordable prices. Find custom printed throw pillows, tapestries and fun catch-alls and totes here too. Hand Painted Furniture with nature botanical garden flower illustrations on farmhouse style custom made by Between The Weeds.

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The sales from my Etsy shop are few and spending more time and energy does not make sense. Etsy has changed. They are not that magical place where people could find quality handmade custom work. It is filled with prints knock offs from China and substandard products. There is still the most wonderful original work found but most serious artists have moved on with their own web sites.

Prints, Art, Canvas Floor Cloths, Murals,

Since I work with FineArtAmerica and Society6 where you can buy any size print, on anything wood, paper, canvas, acrylic or metal, frame it, or buy from the large selection of home decor and accessories with a hassle free return policy at an amazing price why Etsy? Etsy charges for everything and I had to add the additional charges to the final price I charged at Etsy. This really bothered me. I felt like I was cheating my customer, though I was upfront with my policy at Etsy. Etsy customer (I have a record of you) get 10% off on select products.

I have gone back and forth with this for a year. I gave Etsy till the end of the year to prove their value. Sadly the stats proved me right. Etsy has changed. My web sites get an average of 1500 hits a day where Etsy could not break the 50 mark. At one time I had an average of 500 to 700 a day at Etsy. Etsy has stopped listing with Google. Their home page is confusing. Most of the products cater to one demographic, not mine. My clientele tends to be older, affluent and searching for custom one of a kind art and work.

I hope my clients at Etsy read this and understand. Please come and join me at Laurie Rohner Studio or Between The Weeds Marketplace for my original art and furniture and visit Whitefield Studio the gateway to my prints and printed decor.

Looking for Watercolor Prints?

I have revamped my prints at FineArtAmerica so now you can buy my original artwork along with my prints of the watercolors. I am so excited about this new venture and hope you will take a peak.


colorful garden flowers print by Laurie Rohner
A botanical wildflower watercolor illustration of colorful garden flowers print by Laurie Rohner.
buy prints at Laurie Rohner FineArtAmerica
New birch tree print.
Shop FineArtAmerica watercolor prints
New Woodland Winter Tree Print

Want to see more work in Watercolor Art Prints please click here.

Wildflowers in the Garden – New watercolor illustration.

Botanical wildflower garden watercolor illustration ready to frame is new in studio.

watercolor illustration by
A nature watercolor illustration of wildflowers in a garden.

A nature watercolor illustration of wildflowers in a garden in shades of pink blue and purple make up this happy painting. You will find columbine, monkshood, coneflower and false indigo to name a few of the flowers in this original artwork by Laurie Rohner.

illustration wildflowers
Detail of my illustration Wildflowers in the Garden

Title:Wildflowers in the Garden
Medium: watercolor, ink on paper
Image size:15 x 20 inches
Paper: watercolor paper 90 lb.
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, Signature,date,title on back

Watercolor illustration of wildflowers
Detail of Wildflowers

Comes professionally wrapped.

Check out more HERE.

Newly added cahier small journals are the best.

I know everybody has seen these journals around. Wondered what to do with them? Not artistic but want something on the cover?

I am drawn to small books, basically always have been, so when I saw these Cahier journals by Moleskin, I had to buy. I love them. I tuck them in the pocket, purse, leave it on the desk and by the bed just to jot down the next idea that springs into my head. I didn’t want to say just for the women but guys these are for you too.

Hand Printed journal cover
Cahier Hand Printed Block Print Journal with Edison Bulb and Create.

Small journal with lined paper inside has my hand printed block print to embellishing the cover.

Etsy shop Between The Weeds
Hand printed block print with Edison bulb and word Create from Between The Weeds at Etsy.

Great to Jot down those amazing ideas. What a great way to inspire anyone to create. I chose an Edison light bulb for my subject and added create underneath.

Cahier Journal is from Moleskin.

This cahier journal comes with Create printed on Kraft chipboard and has lined pages. The back has a little pocket for notes and the pages are perforated so you can rip them out easily.

Great to tuck into purse.
Give to hostess.
Tuck one in a basket for Easter.

Journal Size; 5.5 x 3.5 inches
Image Size: 5 x 3 inches.

Listing is for Create in Kraft Chipboard.
Shown in Kraft or gray options with blank or lined paper.

Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop Between The Weeds

Fairy house for woodland table setting at Between The Weeds Shop.

Woodland Fairy House table setting by Between The Weeds
Woodland Fairy House table setting by Between The Weeds

Fairy House Painted Pansy Clay Pot Miniature Woodland Table Setting Nature Art

A fairy house sits in a pansy painted clay pot is a miniature woodland table setting for the whimsical nature art lovers, and those who keep fairies close. The pot is hand painted with a pansy on the front and back. There is a branch that supports the moss platform where a fairy can set and enjoy a bit of food with you and family at the table.

Miniature Woodland Table Setting
Fairy House Painted Pansy Clay Pot Nature Art

I used natural elements with twigs whisking up and around the chair and table. You will find tiny rose buds pine cones, a shell, and a few sparkling accents. the base is tied together with raffia and moss is tucked all around.

Measures: 12 x 9 inches.
Weighs: 1 lb. 3 ounces.

Interested in this whimsical adorable woodland fairy table setting please visit Between The Weeds Shop at Laurie Rohner Studio.

Hear that knocking from the soul? Did you answer?

“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.” ~Terri Guillemets
original watercolor painting Iris garden flower
Watercolor Iris Botanical Realism Garden Flower by nature artist Laurie Rohner

Botanical garden original watercolor painting, iris garden flower nature art hand painted by Laurie Rohner is a detailed watercolor painting titled Botanical Peach Iris. Botanical watercolor painting of a Garden Iris is detailed realism of a bi-colored botanical garden flower,  painted in my unique style of glazing. The painting has up to 10 layers of pigment. The surface of the paper appears is luminescent and opaque, a quality I admire. Unfortunately a photo is not capable of expressing the dramatic effect I achieve with this method.

Shop nature art: Between The Weeds at Laurie Rohner Studio
Title: Botanical Peach Iris
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Palette:hunter green, violet, blue, orange, pale peach, soft yellow, white, cream, purple, burgundy red, brick red, soft pink.
Paper Type: 140lb rag hand molded watercolor paper
Paper Size: 19 x 16 inches
Image size: 19 x 16 inches
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title signed date on verso.

The quote is from skinny artist. Read more at:

We are born to shimmer.

We are born to shimmer, we are born to shine, we are born to radiate, we are born to live, we are born to love, never hate.

I do not know where this quote comes from and wish I did. The words resonated deep within and it is my new mantra. Maybe it is yours now too.

Hummingbird and Fuchsia Nature Art Watercolor Miniature Original Painting

Hummingbird Nature Art Watercolor Fuchsia Original Painting Miniature

Hummingbird nature art watercolor painting titled Hummingbird and Fuchsia is a botanical garden flower original miniature nature art for Between The Weeds by Laurie Rohner.

Hummingbird closeup Watercolor by nature artist Laurie Rohner

My botanical watercolor Hummingbird and Fuchsia is a whimsical artwork of a ruby throat hummingbird checking out one of its favorite flower nectar, fuchsia. It is a bright sunny day as this hummer flits and flirts among the blossoms.

Title: Hummingbird and Fuchsia
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Palette: pink, white, cream, leaf green, raspberry, cobalt blue
Paper: Arches 300lb hot pressed watercolor rag paper.
Image size is 5 x 7.5 inches.
Paper size is 5 x 7.5 inches
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title signed dated on verso.

Watercolor nature art – Hummingbird