Custom Ordered Wall Hanging Cabinet Sold.

Painted Hanging Wall Cabinet with Botanical Art
Custom Painted Hanging Wall Cabinet

I loved making this cabinet and happily sent it off to a wonderful person. She sent me a message “The medicine cabinet truly is a work of art! Thank you!”. Honestly I could not agree more.

This cabinet is painted with three different color paints, distressed and stain then added to give it a very custom look. The panel is a hardboard clay art panel. I used watercolors, ink and acrylics to recapture a painting I had done which the customer liked. A custom handcrafted cabinet and an original painting makes this very special and a work of art, yes?

hanging painted wall cabinet
Love the antique brass knob.

Cabinet ordered with 3 shelves and measures 20 x 14 x 4 inches with my wildflower painting on the front door.

Overall finished measurement is 23 x 16 x 5
Door measures 20 x 14
Added inside painting, magnet clasp, antique brass knob.

Visit Between The Weeds for more of my work.


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