Nature art on vintage and new furniture only at Between The Weeds.

Why Buy My Painted Furniture?

Hand Painted Furniture
Hand Painted Vintage Writing Table

The work I create in my studio is hand painted, I never use stencil or decal, which means you are investing in a functional work of art. I will recreate and revitalize an old discarded vintage find into a treasure or custom make my own furniture to fit a design I am creating. Nature is a huge influence in all my designs. I am working with a new process using watercolors ink and varnishes bringing my botanical illustrated watercolors to life on painted furniture and home decor.

Custom Crafted Wood Painted Furniture – Tote and Garden Pots.

I use the best quality paints and varnishes and have trained with artists and antique restorers specialized in vintage painted chairs from places such as Sotheby’s Antiques in New York. I have developed my own finishes and paints giving me a range of style choices and techniques.

hand painted furniture by Between The Weeds at Woodland Hand Painted Furniture – Nature Keepsake Gift Box

I take great care with each piece of painted furniture first sand, prep and prime then paint or stain readying the surface for decorative painting. I typically lay out the design in pencil; establish a color palette, finishing the design with an ink pen in a linear fashion. All pieces receive several coats of varnish; in between each layer I hand rub the surface creating a soft buffed finish. Every piece is finished with a bee’s wax to ensure protection.

Visit my studio shop today for a range of nature inspired nature art at Between The Weeds Here.


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