Try inserting ‘and’ instead ‘but’ then follow your heart.

I was listening to a new podcast at The Inspiring Artist, by speaker Samantha Bennett from The Organized Artist Company, I found fantastic ideas. The one that seemed to pop out today was to stop using but and insert and. Simple and so precise.  Think about how many times a statement an action a dream is started only to find it fall away depleted and forgotten because of that tiny word but got in the way. For instance I want to sell my art BUT I have no experience. Now insert I want to sell my art and I have no experience. And becomes the connection to the answer and not the ending of your goal. No experience doesn’t mean your art isn’t any good and everyone has to start from somewhere.

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Follow Your Heart 8 x 10 Watercolor by Laurie Rohner.

Follow Your Heart (the heart is the image made with entwined vine and red trillium flower) is an original nature art illustration by Laurie Rohner. I enjoy spreading a little inspiration through my watercolors with inspiring words, sharing my hope that everyone can see the possibility for a great life.

Title: Follow Your Heart
Medium: watercolor on paper
Paper: Arches 300lb hot pressed watercolor rag paper.
This is slightly rough thick hand made paper.
Image size is 5 x 7 inch.
Paper size is 5.5  x 7.5 inch
Palette: red,purple,navy,deep leaf green

Small Fact: The paper is so thick you can attach a ribbon to the back and hang it. I suggest mounting the painting on a matte and framing under glass.

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