Between the Weeds

Last package shipped, last card mailed, time for a break.

I walked in the door after coming back from the post office with my last load of mailed orders. This is a busy time of year for people trying to make a living as a creative shop owner. This is the first year I feel business fell short. I decided to stop look at what I have done and maybe it is time to change things around.

Watercolor Nature Woodland Bird Original Painting Cedar Waxwingwatercolor mixed media by laurie rohnerBuy my original art at Between The Weeds Shop.

And so the changes are already happening as I take another look at some of my art. Above is this illustration finished while below shows its humble beginnings. I do like the way this original watercolor of a favorite bird transformed.

Before the transformation…change can be wonderful.Before I changed the painting.Before I changed the painting.

A watercolor original nature painting of a woodland bird titled Cedar Waxwing is an original artwork by Laurie Rohner.

I love these birds Cedar Waxwings, when they make their way through my area. They love to eat the red berries on my holly. A waxwing sits on the holly branch spying which berry to eat next. The holly and berries sit against a watery blue sky. This is a watercolor mixed media illustration.

Title: Cedar Waxwing
Paper Size: 8 x 10 inches
Paper: Arches 300lb hot pressed watercolor rag paper.

Taking the weekend off.

This is my time off weekend. I relax, reflect and enjoy the winter solstice and prepare for my Christmas. Tucker a large standard poodle likes this too, he gets some freshly backed homemade treats.

Tucker the cookie eating dog.
Tucker the cookie eating dog.

I am not positive what direction I will take but know as in all business I have to be willing to keep an open mind to all possibilities available. It is why I adore being my own boss. Taking time reflecting, imagining where I want to go and setting a plan mapping out my intentions is my weekend’s goal. Maybe it can be yours?

Happy winter solstice!


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