Between the Weeds

Is it a fairy house or is it a bird house?

Sweet Pea Fairy House Bird House Hanging Painted Garden Fairy Art Sculpture Between The Weeds by Laurie Rohner.

Handcrafted hanging fairy house
Woodland Fairy House Sweet Pea and Bird House.

Sweet Pea Fairy House and Bird House ready to hang or stand is a painted garden fairy art sculpture. A hanging fairy house or bird house painted with white and hand painted sweet peas adorn the sides. The front has a purple fairy door but the back has an opening for a small bird family too. The roof is twigs and mosses attached to a cedar shingle roof. The house is made out of cedar and pine.

Painted fairy house
Birdhouse Woodland Fairy House

House size: 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 9 inches tall standing, hanging 14 inches tall.
Weight: 1lb. 7 ounces.

woodland fairy house at Between The Weeds
Easy to hang or set on the table.

Once upon a time fairies created this fairy house for your garden or cottage. Woodland Fairies were delighted with what the fairies created. Think of the happy joyful energy that will surround your home and your life when you add this fairy cottage to your house.

Check out the other wonderful whimsical handcrafted woodland fairy house garden sculptures Here at Between The Weeds.


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