Fairy houses inspired by tree houses.

It has been a rough several days but today I can finally breathe. I just finished up reading one of my favorite bliss creators Melissa Dwindle’s post, click here to read. It put several things in focus that I found difficult. I try to please everyone. When you set out pleasing the world you do the opposite because not one person even knows you are trying. It is not how it works this big wonderful Universe. You want to create bliss joy happiness and please the Universe start with you the rest will soon see it too.

First, today I have cleaned my house, weeded the garden, made things feel good in the house because it makes me feel good. Why? Because I am selling this house so I can feel fabulous blissfully creative in Vermont. Breathe. This is what pleases me. Today I focus on pleasing me and at my age (don’t ask) it is about time. Second I have found delight in tree houses and since I cannot make a tree house I am making miniature fairy houses reminiscent of those amazing tree houses I have seen on Tree House Master. I add handmade fairy furniture with fairy decor and make-believe computers easels tablets handmade out of wood and nature. Whatever pops into my imagination which is inspired by fairies. I create artwork to hang in the houses too. Third I am working always on my watercolors. Painting is bliss and my soul requires I do this so I do. Painting is strictly for me though I love it when you like it and buy it.

Whimsical Woodland Fairy House Nature Art Basket with Fairy Furniture

One of a kind Woodland Fairy House whimsical hanging basket fairy houses nature art by Laurie Rohner.

One of a kind Woodland Fairy House whimsical hanging basket fairy houses nature art by Laurie Rohner.

Woodland Fairy House is one of a kind whimsical sculpted hanging basket fairy house. I altered this woven twig basket turned it on its side and placed branches in the back. Along the bottom is an enchanted magical fairy vignette with chairs cut from branches and stools by tables with moss and pine cones lichen and sea glass tucked in the nooks. My  woodland fairy vignette is a fun piece for any age.

Basket size is 13 – 18 inches and 4 inches deep.
Weight: 2lbs

Visit my shop for more nature art and fairy houses at Between The Weeds.


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