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Illuminating my disconnect with nature.

“Beauty is the illumination of your soul.” ~John O’Donohue

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Original watercolor by nature artist Laurie Rohner

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This is a peaceful place I would occasionally go to and collect my thoughts. I have discovered the huge disconnect with nature in my life. It is impossible for me to live without my connection with quiet scenes and clear skies with the aroma of wildflowers, ferns, the smell of woods after the rain. Simply to walk in the woods with the smells around me awakening my soul and watching animals and birds and companions, my dogs, is a must and has to be very much a part of my life. I would wither away if I had to live in a city but put me in a field with wildflowers or a river gently moving along and I am blissfully happy.

My studio and home is in a lovely neighborhood with friendly  enough people but I never felt connected. It is not home and I have not been able to do the things that ground me and connect me to what I need most. Nature.

I have lost many people in the past several years to accidents and disease. I have attributed these feelings to the loss and pain of grief until I realized that was just a part of it. The huge disconnect to the one thing that always made me feel secure and protected was being able to go and be one in nature. I have always had a place I could walk, sit, garden, be in.  I have never been able to do that simple pleasure here. It has made me feel scattered and if I am to feel connected and whole this has to be created in my life again. The pain and grief were not for people, not all of it, it was the disappearing soulful nature of me. I have grieved for that person only I am still here. Just waiting to illuminate my light to the world around me.

Now that I see what the pain is, the solution is really simple. Get busy and fill my life with that very thing that missing. I am moving to Vermont and I have found the perfect little house, a perfect area in Vermont. I know it is my house. I can feel it is my happy place. What I find very special about this place in Vermont is when leaving Vermont I saw a double rainbow not once but twice and it shown over to this little town. I hope it was a sign and now that I see I hope all will be well.  The universe does not have a time-table like we do but eventually if we stick with learning and growing ourselves we just might someday understand a wee bit more.

My special little house.
My special little house.

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