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Between The Weeds Store, have you been by yet?

I feel I am bringing the spirit of nature to life in the form of hand painted furniture, original nature art and garden fairy houses. Welcome to my online store, Between The Weeds at Laurie Rohner Studio.

Nature art paintings are original, painted by hand, affordable, artwork in watercolor, oil and acrylic of botanical garden flower, herbs, wildflowers,wildlife,bees, insects and Vermont woodland tree landscapes paintings. Illustrations of garden wildflowers and wildlife are whimsical and realistic. Then there is my original watercolor illustrations for $20 and under ready to frame and very affordable.

Assorted collage of nature art.
Assorted collage of nature art.

Cottage painted furniture is one of a kind painted by my hand, handmade, nature inspired, functional, collectible fine art. I create my hand crafted keepsake nature boxes, trays, totes, frames, tables, trunks and benches for my painted furniture.

Painted furniture, boxes, cottage home decor.
Painted furniture, boxes, cottage home decor.

My woodland garden fairy houses are original hand sculpted earth nature art that hold the mystical magic of fairies.

Garden gifts, fairy houses and nature pins.
Garden gifts, fairy houses and nature pins.

I love nature and create nature art depicting botanical garden flowers,herbs and wildflowers, birds nests and wildlife and woodland tree landscape art. My original paintings are in watercolor oil and acrylic mediums.

I also work with the mystical magical elements that live in nature creating sculpted woodland fairy houses and fairy furniture. Each sculpted fairy house is blessed with fairy magic and come with there own fairy bio. One of a kind unique and whimsical make these woodland fairy houses great for all ages.

Painted furniture, painted furnishings and painted nature boxes I think everyone should have at least one functional painted work of art in their home. I specialize in one of a kind painted by hand nature design work. Please check out the Painted Furniture Studio for new products to buy and projects I am working on.

It does not matter if you need a one of a kind custom hand painted furniture art work or a nature inspired original watercolor oil painting for your wall art. What matters to me is as you browse through my studio I inspire delight and spread some joy your way. I create my work with the love I have for nature and it is something I like to share. Buy my art and I am thrilled, delighted and the circle completes itself, though never necessary.

Enjoying my work is the only requirement needed when visiting Laurie Rohner Studio.

Thank you for visiting.




Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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