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Understand your relationship with Source and you align your self to God.

Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment.” 
Esther Hicks

Are you actively seeking a relationship with source or more to the point God, or are you seeking the easy way out. Meeting people who have aligned there lives to God, you feel drawn to their energy and it is invigorating.

Recently I discovered something about my life and following a spiritual path, I had put up blocks. Thinking I was politically correct and not to offend anyone had in fact severed myself from the one thing I was trying to connect to, God. Religion had become distasteful and I no longer found the tenants rules and scriptures relevant for myself until I saw that it was all these things together were God. The spiritual path I was on led me directly to a better relationship with God.

Maybe it is the Christmas time of year that accelerated my thinking or it is the state of the politics playing out in the United States, whatever the reason there is an urgency for human beings to find their alignment with God and to trust that relationship, standing strong and together against what I see is a great evil heading towards everyone.It is not the political machine destroying us in the United States and it is not another country religion or whatever it may be tomorrow. It is our own separation with God.

Does it matter if someone puts up a nativity scene, a Christmas tree or another politically incorrect holiday decoration? No because being aligned with God means all the decor and symbolic religious practices are reflections of God. Humans find it offensive. God shows its self in many ways, in ways each of us can understand Source.

Let us stop being judgmental and thinking we have any idea of what God wants or expects from each of us. Instead work on your very unique connection to source and there you will find God. Finding compassion love respect and trusting other human beings but even more you will find respect love and compassion for the most important human being on earth, you.

Botanical Leaves and Berries Watercolor Painting Original Nature Art
Botanical Leaves and Berries Watercolor Painting Original Nature Art.

Botanical Leaves and Berries Watercolor Painting Original Nature Art

Original botanical watercolor painting Leaves and Berries is an original nature art painted by hand in the studio of Laurie Rohner. My painting is a detailed botanical garden illustration of my whimsical look of natural history showing decorative leaves with berries in varying shades of misty earthy greens from moss to gold and soft sage to deep green blue and navy.

Title: Leaves and Berries
Medium: Watercolor on Paper.
Paper Type: Arches 300lb hot pressed watercolor rag paper.
Image size is 10″ x 13.5″
Paper size is 15″ x 11.25″
Signature: LR on the front, tile, signed, date, on verso.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

Available in my Print Studio too in many sizes and also phone cases. Check it out here.



Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

4 thoughts on “Understand your relationship with Source and you align your self to God.

  1. Truly a beautiful post Laurie and very meaningful especially at this time of year ~ actually at all times too! It matters not to me what holiday others celebrate as long as they do all with kindness. It’s all about connecting with Source/God/Universe/Spirit! ♥


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