Today I am thankful for…

This is too easy. I find so many things I am thankful for but today it is something that just happened. I walked Tucker for his evening walk. There was a slight scent of skunk in the air. I thought I was heading away from the scent but was wrong. For the most part my road is well-lit and can see quite well except for this one area. Tuck likes this area for his nightly pee. I stood waiting for him to finish and noticed something stir and from around a large stump trots out the skunk. In North Carolina the skunks are not easy to spot since the white stripe is not very large and more of a spot. Tucker was not aware of the skunk and I quickly tugged at him to move along back down the road. As we trotted down I looked back to see the skunk trotting right along with us. The skunk finally disappeared off to the side and we quickly got back into the house. Easily I am thankful that the skunk did not spray us and thankful for the good laugh for the image of me jogging down a road with Pepe LePew following right behind like the cartoon character that was love struck. Tomorrow I think I will go the other way.


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