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It is in the small wonders magic is created.

Have you seen this new book? I am always looking for answers and love the idea of a mad scientist. Combine the two and you have my interest. So I followed the link at the bottom of the page (click image and read down to the bottom link is there). Experiment only takes 48 hrs and all you do is observe and see what results you get. I have oodles of belief in this theory and now I get an experiment to concrete this premise into my being of reality. I am all in. What about yourself?

Though I have scads of faith and believing in thoughts create your reality there is a part of me that said just another woo woo book. Right? I found out wrong and much to my delight. My experiment started Friday morning at 10:13 am and ended Sunday at 10:13 am. During the course of time I worked ate and watched some Abraham Hicks teachings which I had watched so long ago. I had a push to look so since the experiment was to be observant I followed the impulse. For whatever the reason, which now I understand why I will get into a bit later, for the first time I was getting what Abraham was teaching, in other words I was now ready to accept what I was creating. A few hours later I was working online and on the window a bird flew up and hung on the screen and looked in at me. I looked up but went back to what I was working on. The next day now 24 hrs has past in the experiment and I was feeling like I had been led down another proverbial rabbit hole when the bird came and flew grabbing the screen again looking in at me except this time with a bit more emphasis and noise. Still I just thought it was looking for food but why there? By Saturday evening I figured I was not going to see any results, then I watched another Abraham teaching and as the video played out Abraham talked about after Jerry‘s death Esther was at her sister home and a bird hovered like a hummingbird but it was a big bird. It was a message a sign something that was not a coincidence but Esther understood. Then I realized that my bird on the screen on my window was not a coincidence it was a sign and I missed it not once but twice and the Universe was not going to not be heard, again with no reason I am shown a bird acting not normal with Abraham story of the bird. Once I realized I got my message the feeling inside me exploded. It worked. It worked for me. Pretty wonderful feeling and I hope you attempt this experiment too.

Not only did the Universe respond not once three times I also understand that when the time to see and understand is right and I am aligned to what I am creating it happens. This experiment showed not only it works but it showed me how important it is to allow it to work. It is in the small wonders magic is created.


Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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