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Mistakes are what we say when we stop loving ourselves.

“Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible.”


Cherie-Carter Scotts

Mistakes are what we say when we stop loving ourselves. Think about the word and how do you feel when you think about just the word mistake? What first comes to mind is failure. I made a mistake and if I admit it I am then a failure. Thinking this way is wrong. It is defeating and stops you in your feet if the mistake is big enough and for some one mistake can stop them from ever being great or moving forward in their life. But when you say what a great lesson that was, how do you feel now. Not so bad, right?

All it takes is to switch the word and your thinking changes. Instead of being stopped in your momentum of living your life you are propelled forward. Now when the next lesson comes along it becomes fun. You perceive it differently. You start loving your life your choices and the journey becomes fun and exciting. Everything is possible because you see lessons and not mistakes.

I just recently took this fairy house apart because it was not right. I reconfigured it and added a fresh new look to this adorable sculpted 3D woodland fairy house. Check it out and see what you think. Better?

Fairy house by the sea, before.
Fairy house by the sea, before.

This is my Woodland Fairy House today. I have it in the studio and at Between The Weeds available for you to buy.

Woodland Fairy House today.

Woodland Fairy House Sculpted 3D Whimsical Wall Art Moss Bark Fairy Chair

Woodland Fairy House is sculpted with a fairy chair by the stream a whimsical 3D hanging fairy houses. The wall art has bark moss and a raffia bow tied around the frame. This little sculpture has bits of moss and pebbles and to the side is an imaginary stream trickling down the pebbles and stones. Sitting in the middle is the fairy chair made of wire and moss with a purple bow. The frame is from a stretched canvas that I altered for my little woodland fairy vignette. A fun piece for any age.

Frame size is 6 inch square and is about 3 inches deep.

I wrap each house carefully with tissue on the inside of the houses and then the entire house is wrapped in brown paper. But be careful unwrapping these beautiful sculpted work of art. Take care in unwrapping.

All my houses are unique and custom crafted for the fairy living in the house. Woodland in nature is handmade from building the base to decorating the interiors. Nature inspired woodland sculpted art can be used outside or in. If placed outside expect only 1 maybe 2 years before the environment plays its part. Will last much longer in and mist the houses, this keeps them from drying out. Keep out of direct sunlight.
These are my original designs and I hand craft each piece for my woodland fairy houses.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

I ship everywhere via USPS Priority Mail.


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