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If you want your fortunes to shift, you have to begin telling a different story.

“What anyone else has or does not have has nothing to do with you. The only thing that affects your experience is the way you utilize the Non-Physical Energy with your thought. Your abundance or lack of it in your experience has nothing to do with what anybody else is doing or having. It has only to do with your perspective. It has only to do with your offering of thought. If you want your fortunes to shift, you have to begin telling a different story.”

Esther Abraham-Hicks

Etsy is a handmade community of entrepreneurs selling their products via a marketplace called Etsy. It is a nice creative community but it has changed with the times and many artists are being left out in the cold looking in. So what do you do? Nothing and look for another venue, give up all together, or change your story to help your venue.

I have taken a hard look at what is selling and working on this site and came to a big drastic eye-opening conclusion. They do not need to change a thing. I need to change. My shop, my look my outlook on where I want my creative business to go. I have all the skills and know how to carry out them but if you are stuck on one concept in today’s handmade market place you are going to find your business start to wither.

I have worked as an artist for more than a few years and been doing OK until recently. Why now and what has changed? First I think cottage farmhouse is wonderful but it has run its course. Second I think people love whimsy fun and imaginative art. They admire a professional painting just today there is so much on the market it is hard to get noticed. Etsy may not be the venue for the professional fine artist. Artist sell loads of prints and fine for them I just think of my art collectors and think what that does to their original artwork value. There is an ethical question artists should ask and not a monetary one. That is my viewpoint only.

Painted furniture custom made keepsake nature box is painted with botanical garden flowers and woodland herbs in greens and whites by Laurie Rohner.
Keepsake nature box is painted with botanical garden flowers and woodland herbs in greens and whites by Laurie Rohner.

I have thought quite a bit and decided I need to rework my Etsy Shop and change things up. I am putting my woodland fairy houses back in the mix along with nature cards and keepsake nature boxes with a twist. Everything will relate to energy in nature, woodland trees, wildflowers, gardens and whimsical magical fairy things. I am pulling the furniture and offering it in the studio only. Painted Furniture Studio. I will switch my original paintings over to my second Etsy Shop at Laurie Rohner Studio.

It is hard to look at your business and admit it is not working but to do nothing and ignore it is worst. If your business is falling short stop looking around and seeing what everyone is doing and discover what is working in your business. Really look at the keywords and see what they say. Listen to your own gut when you are working is it telling you this is a waste of time or are you excited about the creation you just made? Ask yourself is this the best you can do or can you do better?

Woodland Fairy House Artist Loft
Woodland Fairy House Artist Loft

I love energy and nature is full of energy. This is my new story. I am a practitioner of energy and work daily using it in my life. My work infused with my energy and I feel it brings well-being to all that come in contact with my work. This is what I do and this is how I serve the Universe and above all the Divine Creator of all things.

I have traveled a bumpy road figuring this out and come to realize when you work and create with intention to serve you find happiness. The Universe loves a grateful full heart. Fill yours up with that purpose and what others are doing will become a distant memory for you are now content.


Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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