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Each morning you get another chance to create something fabulous.

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Watercolor on Paper  Laurie Rohner
Watercolor on Paper
Laurie Rohner

This quote hit a home run this week. After the turmoil of cleaning up after the storm and then looking at the computer seeing no action for my Etsy Shop I decided it was time to take advantage of a new morning. I started with taking a quick course on landing pages for maximum SEO exposures. I looked at my Etsy shop which is withering away and I have not a clue about why. I have not changed anything so they must have changed something for me to have an average of views between 300 to 500 dropping down to a dismal 20 to 80 hits. Pondering this I looked at my website and thought now is the time to ramp it up. I do not have time to keep figuring out why Etsy does what it does and other things I can do to market and promote my creative business. Many people are looking for new ways to do this. Here are a few I think worthy of checking out.

  • Create a website (I use weebly) Check out free site and figure it out so you can always promote your work, not the masses work.
  • Sign up for HubSpot newsletter great for web and small business info.
  • Check out Meylah for an alternative to Etsy. Be sure to check out My store .  It is free to list your items and you pay a small percentage when you sell. Also your store is set up with your products listing like a post and has great links, more links than on Etsy and these links work. You can add links in the listing description to other sites too without the wrath of the Etsy gods swooping in and suspending you store. Another huge plus Meylah tweets your tweets. Nice.
  • I am also checking into IndieMade which is comparable to both online venues but they have a set subscription low monthly fee. I am still checking this one out.
  • I implemented drastic changes to my web site with many more coming at Laurie Rohner Studio and will bring my other web site Painted Furniture Studio up to speed now too.

I rely on my business as many artists do because not all artist are starving and some of us believe our work has value. I am happy to promote another artist’s work and spread the joy of anyone’s creation. I believe we all have a place to do what we love to do, mine is creating art on painted furniture on paper and canvas and sometimes on this computer. It is in the attitude you take when you view you and your work. Are you serious about it? Is it a business? Is it in your blood so that when you stop you start to wither away? Do you believe you can? Better yet do you believe you must and you deserve the successful outcome you envision for you? So why are you not working hard and if it is not working figure out what needs to go so you can work even harder at making it happen.

This is why I am thinking Etsy has run its course for most artists who create one of a kind work. One example is original artwork is being replaced with mass produced prints that are printed off an ink jet printer. Or mass produced off site then shipped to unknowing art lovers. Etsy is being swamped with retailers that have retail shops. Great because it is a cheap way for a retailer to advertise but for the handmade person it is impossible to compete. This is against the rules yet as long as you pull in the dollars for Etsy it is OK. I personally think most of Etsy rules are ridiculous. Things change and that is good but you then have to change to meet the new challenge. Not a bad challenge because life is about changing. The artist needs it to keep their muses and creative energy flowing.

You have to think how is this helping my business? Each morning when you get up remember it is a new day and today you can change everything or nothing. It is your choice. You will never know what one little tweak here or there will do unless you are open to the possibilities of what if. Today does matter not tomorrow and certainly not yesterday. I think back to last Saturday and there was no power, no computer and I see what each morning has given me. Now what about you?



Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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