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The choices we make matter.

“As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation — either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Many years ago I faced the hard realization of the two choices facing me. It was a great fear I held for my life. What if life never got any better? What if I am doomed to live a life filled with disappointments and challenges making my suffering to be unbearable? I knew then as I do now I had the power to choose another direction. My fear was, would life make me bitter and ugly.

Nothing in life happens without our approval. See it and realize every choice has an effect, an outcome we have to take. Sometimes it is predestined and other times our choosing. No matter which it is we can always decide how we will react. Whenever the world gets a bit dark and I feel overwhelmed I go and walk in nature. Find your own grounding method. Make a cup of tea and sip it conscious of each sip. Take a bath imagine a beach. Whatever works for you. Sometimes I find a place and sit down for a few moments but always I remove my self from the darkness.

White Iris Nature Art Painting by Laurie Rohner
White Iris Nature Art Painting
by Laurie Rohner

I am a big believer of meditation and angel/guide(s). Through meditation I can receive valuable information about my life circumstances. I know my upstairs friends are always there helping me out when I need them. Lately needed more because I have huge decisions and life changes happening.

Remembering the divine-ness of your life is epic. The choices you consider will follow darkness with bitterness or transform a bad situation into a creative light filled wonder.

I am filling my life with creative positive choices.  When I was younger I easily found the good in every situation but as I gathered more challenges and life experiences I realized my outlook was becoming cloudy and dimmer.  A true life course correction happened. Think of your self as a charged metal rod and the challenges as iron shavings clinging to the charged rod. Switch the charge and the metal shavings fall off. Switch your thinking and the energy of your life changes freeing your thoughts and energy to work with understanding and acceptance, and not fear of loss and hopelessness.

I have created two web sites for my painted work, Laurie Rohner Studio and Painted Furniture Studio. I have created a separate site for selling my home/studio. I am creating what I want through the suffering and transforming my life into a life I see living. Not everyday is it blooming with happy thoughts but the darker ones do not hang around as long. Inside everyone there is something we can change making each life brighter. I’m tired could change to wondering I am low in energy my body wants to take a break and then to I need to appreciate my self and give your self a break. Small changes lead to epic changes in all things.


Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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