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Is there a reason for this problem?

The joys of computing, networking, marketing and the lovely little bugs the machines pick up. I have tried everything I am capable of fixing and when I shut down or restart my computer it wont start up right. I have to do it manually is the best way to explain it. I also use Magic Jack for a phone line and when I turn my computer off so goes the phone. My OS is fine and since the hiccup is working faster than before. I was aggravated with this new problem. I was determined to fix it. I felt this is one more ‘thing’ not working in my life.  A firm believer every problem joy or event happens for a reason, always a good reason. When we ignore the symptoms is when those reasons become bad.

I am selling the house here in Elkin NC and the one contact number is the one that turns off with my computer. I also sell my work on line with the same contact number. My system  backups and updates during the wee hours and I am forever forgetting to leave it running on those schedule days. Every time I shut down the computer my gut said why are you doing this? What if someone wants to reach you? What if your cell phone isn’t charged then what do you do in the wee hours of the night? I did not think about it and chalked it up to being ridiculous. I was wasting energy. Nothing will happen and no one ever calls.

I honestly believe this is a sign to keep the computer on and the phone connected. Maybe to get the call from the person who wants the house or it is the universes way to say stay connected it is important. Eventually I will take the computer to my tech guy and have it looked at but I do not think there is anything wrong.

Image by Theme Bin

I live in a world of imagination and creativity so it is easy for me to take the leap and believe in the paranormal, things that happen and make you think did I just see that or not. My TV also acted a little weird yesterday. I wanted to see what was on the schedule for that night and I pressed the button to see. The screen came up and suddenly the pages started to move up very quickly. I tried to stop it or see if I had hit the button. I had to cancel it and go back to live TV. I still have not figured out what happened, this was a new one.

In the past week I have had image flashes where I think there is someone and there is no one. You know what I mean your eyes see something and it startles you, you turn your head quickly to see and realize there is nothing. Many years ago I was mowing the lawn and I kept seeing a flash of a white car speeding by. No car was there. Then one night around 2 am a white car came down the road and smashed into our mailbox and lilac bushes, over the driveway, jumped the low wall and landed in the neighbor driveway. It was a loud metal scrapping noise and as I got up and looked it was a white car heading off down the hill dragging part of the lilac bush. I pay attention to flashes now.

I do not know why strange things happen but I know there is a reason. Somehow it is all connected. Nothing random ever happens to us. Eventually I will see the reason and if you stay open and aware you will find the reason for what is happening in your life too.




Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

2 thoughts on “Is there a reason for this problem?

  1. I completely agree with you and since we are bodies of electrons and your machines use the same power, I’d most definitely pay attention! a new something might be in your future, just a guess! 🙂


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