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Clarity found while painting Bee Balm a new work by Laurie Rohner.

This is one of my new watercolor illustrations I have been at work on called Bee Balm. Someone asked if I would do something illustrating garden flowers but she did not want it on a box or what not. She was thrilled with the illustration and received some nice compliments. This got my brain thinking. I am trying to please so many with so much in my life maybe I need to remove some of the excess. Much like the saying goes it is time to throw the dirty wash water out.

Maybe it is the day Dec. 21 which for me is a wonderful day and is a day I celebrate. Being of Celtic origin I am positive my ancestors did the same. It is the night of Winter Solstice. It is not the ending of the world but the beginning of a new life. It is when we can gestate what it is we expect from our selves and of others. We can take stock of what is needed to allow our lives to be more and complete. I believe in a Creator but I can also say it is probably not in the way religions dictate manipulate and exploit God. I have a close working relationship with the Spirit. I know within me is a power to overcome anything, it is in you too. We just have to sometimes step ever so slightly to the side and allow just a ray of light to shine in. What was confusion becomes clarity.

Bee Balm Flower
Watercolor Botanical Illustration

I just finished baking some cookies ( I love to bake) and made myself a cup of tea. As I nibbled my cookie and sipped my tea I thought how content I was realizing how present I had become. Was it age or was it just becoming who I see myself being. I think it is a bit of both.

When I sat down to work on the watercolor the other day it was 12:42 in the afternoon and when I stopped working it was darkening outside and the clock read 5:02. Where did the hours go? I was working with Spirit in what I call Creative Space and it is much like meditation for those who practice. What is it in your life that hours seem to disappear and time is non-existent? Think about the real you inside beyond the chatter of the mind. Can you see you? Is what you are doing even close to what you imagine your life? Today I see I am the magician, the high priestess and the page of cups (a little Tarot reference) entwined in a delightful whimsical dance and it is me who is stopping me from creating my life. The real trick is believing it and using the power within. It means allowing life to flow and fear to live elsewhere. It means being true to your self and all of it, even the parts people do not understand. It means having the insight and courage to follow your path and your life because you must.

So tonight as the sun goes down and the world around me darkens I will sit in the darkness and see with clarity where it is I must go. I love company. When I am finished with being I will light the candles and embrace my life for I am the power and light of love.



Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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