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Great gift ideas at Between The Weeds

Looking for some different gifts for someone or yourself this weekend? This is a sampling of what you can find in my Etsy Shop Between The Weeds along with so many other wonderful shop owners selling handmade one of a kind custom work. I do hope you take a moment and browse through my shop but if you see nothing in mine look through some of the other shops at

BetweenTheWeeds at Etsy
Great gift ideas at Between The Weeds

Painted farmhouse style decor with a distressed shabby chic finish or a watercolor with detailed realism to adorn the walls of your farmhouse cottage home is available to ship today. There is so much to see. Between The Weeds offers a little of everything for all size wallets but never is anything not unique quality one of a kind masterpieces. I hand craft all my farmhouse decor and hand paint each piece myself. I pay attention to the details of each keepsake and artwork whether it is a painted box, a realistic painting or one of my woodland fairy houses furnished with fairy furniture. I lovingly create something to inspire the spirit inside.


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