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Nicely said Megan so I had to post her words again.

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buy handmade

There are plenty of reasons to buy handmade creations over mass-produced crap. Within the next month or so you’re going to hear all of the mushy-gushy ones, aimed at persuading your conscious.

For starters, when you buy handmade you simultaneously support individual artists and small businesses rather than lining the pockets of cooperate executive who probably don’t need another indoor pool or personal jet. Not to mention that you’re also saying “No!” to inhumane labor practices certain factory-made products utilize. Obviously, this is a pretty big reason for buying handmade in general. Whenever you can, buy a handmade widget over a mass-produced widget. If for no other reason, do so to give yourself the ego boost that going vegetarian hasn’t manage to provide you yet. (I’m not about to give up bacon yet hipsters, keep trying!)

This post isn’t about why you should buy handmade at all, I think those…

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