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A small voice wanting to be heard.

I do not think it matters where you live today. Governments, politicians, liberals, republicans or socialists are telling us how they are going to fix things. Yet nothing gets fixed, no changes occur and we mindlessly vote people into offices so they can do the same ego centered acts. Not one person in the US Government is thinking outside of themselves. It is chaos and is self-serving and it is wrong.  I originally thought after the elections I was open to see the other side play their hand out. I was wrong because here we are with a fiscal cliff within feet of us and they are back to the same old ways. Labor unions, big business and academia sitting down in the oval office to talk. It worked so well the first time lets see if it will change this time. I do not think so. Papa John Pizza announces it is going to have to change its business practices to meet the new health law and taxing increases and the government says boycott them. What? Are the people who run them not the middle class? If you are not sure, they are the middle class along with so many other franchise restaurant owners. Now think about the art galleries and gift shops or the home decor stores you like to shop in. They will slowly disappear one by one till the landscape is so brutally ravaged no one will understand why they did not see it coming. In the United States the young people were loaded on buses from campuses to vote after their professors filled their heads with distorted ideas and promises of a bright future. Only one week later how does it look so far? The fiscal cliff just got one more foot closer.

Stop it Now

At times I feel like I am in some weird nightmare and soon I will wake but this is reality and what happens now is on the young, what now happens look in the mirror because it is of your own doing. Are you also finished trying to protect this country from unwise defeating attitudes so the next generation can flourish? Instead I am now switching to fighting for me the entrepreneur the middle class the artist who works very hard to tweak out a living. I say small business owners should stand together and push back. Chamber of Commerce‘s, Guilds or Councils can stand and unite because soon you will stop to exist. I have online shops how will they be effected? Let the people who want to tear our spirit away come for us, there are more of us than of them. I live by my rules now and I believe in the power of the Universe to help guide all who are hard-working free thinking and open-minded to a better self-reliant life. No government here just awakened souls living life with purpose.



Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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