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My Vote Counts!

The signing of a document separating the USA from England and Europe.

I know there are people in a bunch of hurt from Mother Nature, the last thing you are thinking about is politics. I want to say first my heart and loving energy goes out to all who have lost their homes lives or way. It is the one thing we as human beings can do, send our energy and thoughts to those who need help. To those who are out assisting and aiding strangers family and neighbors alike send loving energy to protect and keep them strong. I do not think it is an act of God that bared down on the northeast as I do not think nature is ever an act of God, yet I do believe it is our thoughts and energy that cause reaction in nature. Maybe you can sense it in the air or in your gut because it is twisted up in a knot, you wonder why acid reflux is so common, but you instinctively feel it there is a definite shift occurring around us. I also think it is good. If your thoughts are seeing a bright future and you are willing to do the work the reward is great. Every fiber nerve impulse cell within this corporeal body believes to stand strong and face what is coming with love. Love for all, even the people I really find distasteful and hard to love, but mostly for my own genuine self for if I can not love my authentic self the rest will never be. I think many of the challenges the human race are facing is due to this, a disconnect from self-love. We need to start loving ourselves and the shift around us will happen even quicker.

Here in the USA we are approaching another Presidential election and living in North Carolina the ads run more than in a few states but thankfully not as much as some. I did my homework and studied why I believe one way and not the other. I found that there are core beliefs that must be followed for me to be true to my self. I believe in hard work just as my parents taught me ‘nothing worth having ever comes free’. I believe there are valid points in the core beliefs of both parties but these beliefs for myself have to be formed in the structure and constraints of the Constitution. This document is clear and has been able to meld the human rights of its people (American citizens) and the law of the Creator which is brilliantly worded. Yet today there are people dissecting and distorting our ancestors words in a twisted evil self-serving way.  I believe they are corrupt and though at one time their hearts were good, power corrupted and the ego is all that remains. In my very humble thinking it is not the Constitution that needs revision, but the thinking and hearts of the politicians. They need to be reminded they were voted into office on their words and promises, not their lies and ill-conceived actions.

So today I took a break and drove over to cast my vote. Even if the person I vote for is not elected I have exercised my American right to vote as my forefathers declared a couple hundred years before. This is not a political comment or argument about one candidate or another it is about you and me and how even just one vote matters. It matters to you. Vote, and make it count, today.






Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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