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New fairy garden house has been discovered in shop.

It amazes me how different each house develops into its own personality and how uniquely different each one is. This fairy house is a whimsical delightful woodland fun fairy house. I created this house while feeling a little stressed and kept thinking to myself I wish I could find a place to relax. Poof! A relaxing sky gazing, take a nap, and relax woodland fairy garden house is created. I wonder if it was me who felt stressed or maybe it was Briar, my fairy buddy, feeling the strain of energy gone a muck in this realm. She knows I worry so she will never tell.

As I created this twig dwelling of branches and mosses and dried natural elements, a story formed. A sweet little wisp of a thing with larkspur blue and glints of gold-colored eyes, mocha creamy skin and dark jet black ribbons twisted through her mane of dark curls. She wears a vibrant royal purple tunic laid over suede charcoal gray leggings. She is barefooted and her wings shimmer with blues and violets. She does not dart about but moves with a fluid motion as a dancer on light beams. She loves to lounge on the chaise and gaze at the clouds overhead as the day changes into night in the between space she knows so well. The clouds fill with soft hues of colors and fade into the charcoal gray of her clothing. Stars fill the space in the void above and the world prepares to sleep once more. Her name is Jasmine Moonbeam.

Would you like to share your natural surroundings with her then please visit my shop at Laurie Rohner Studio.

Fairy Garden House Wooden Custom Handmade

Fairy Garden House Wooden Custom Handmade
Fairy Garden House Wooden Custom Handmade Fairy Garden House Wooden Custom Handmade Fairy Garden House Wooden Custom Handmade Fairy Garden House Wooden Custom Handmade Fairy Garden House Wooden Custom Handmade

A fairy house custom handmade cottage garden style with twigs branches and moss. All wooden and natural elements are used in this fairy garden house. Use it inside for years or you can place it outside in your garden this spring for the season. Not just for a cottage but great in farmhouse style decor.
There are branches that form the structure of my sculpted fairy house but inside there is always a surprise. This house features a bed with linens from my own fabric design and a hand painted rock for that shabby chic style. On the top of the house is a chaise lounge made of a branch and moss so your fairy friend can gaze up at the magical night sky or maybe just daydream and watch the clouds pass on by. Small tables are close by each setting. Shells glass and things found in nature decorate the fairy house. Very unique and special for any fairy believer to cherish.

Make a great gift for all ages.

Measures:17″h x 12″w x 10″d.
Weighs 3lbs

Ready to ship anywhere you need it to go. Somewhere there is a fairy waiting for this home.

More fairy houses and painted farmhouse style can be found in my online Between The Weeds Shop too.



Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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