Mojo Shared this with all and now it is my turn. Thanks LifeandFriendship for writing it in the first place.


I have been listening to podcast lectures from Gabrielle Bernstein a lot lately. I love her upbeat energy, loving acceptance of whatever shows up in the way of questions, and the combination of mystical woo woo teachings with real life living.  I actually have a book of hers kicking around, but I have to admit I didn’t make in much past the introduction. She wrote about how she began to change her way of thinking by getting back on a unicycle… I very close mindedly shut the book and put it back in the pile.

I will fish it out one of these days because she is awesome and I’m sure her book is too. One quote of hers that I love is, “The clearer you are, the closer you are. You will have what you want when you get clear.” What I have been finding so often lately when…

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