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Illuminating the Paradox

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From post by Waiting for the Karma Truck.

This wonderful statement made by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama The Paradox of Our Age is filled with inspiring truths. Though many might see only the down side of the paradox I like to feel His Holiness is focused on the up side of our lives. I read a fabulous post by Waiting for the Karma Truck titled “Make It Better”. I agree with her take in the world. This is my view of Paradox of Our Age.

What I find interesting is I have never seen this paradox until this morning when I read her great post. The sense and feel when thinking about these words is there is much darkness seeping into the lives of so many. Whether you see it as ego, evil or demonic, the theory is we are walking on the wrong side of the light. The divine essence of who we are is always with us and it is our free will to choose a different path. When we see our self as separate from the Divine, the Creator, God we walk in this paradox.

This past week in the United States has been troublesome for me. I believe this country is being pulled apart by the manipulated lies of the administration and the mass media. Bear with me this is not vote for (insert candidate) instead it is a call to action to allow your true self, spiritual part of you to guide you out of darkness. I believe in the darkest of times Spirit, God, will intervene. I pray every day through meditation sending out love and light to all but especially to those in darkness. Why? Not for my own self but for this beautiful world that the Creator gave to us to thrive and love and grow in. For me if Romney wins our elections or if Obama it is what is needed for the world to learn, even if I might not agree. By doing this I add my energy to the many other light workers that when and if needed what needs to be can.

It is easy to bring light into a dark room by switching on a light and in our lives it is also that simple. Every day starts with not knowing what my hands will create. Will it be magic or a learning experience? Will I have fun or torment myself? Will a challenge derail me or will it push me into another direction? Will life flow freely or will my ego block my way? on and on down many different paths with all but one outcome, walking the path back, the journey home to God. Surrender the control and all things will be illuminated and the Paradox of Our Age dissolves.

What side do you walk on? Are you a light worker? Ask the questions and decide.


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