Change your future.

You must train your intuition – you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide

Ingrid Bergman

The past few days, OK weeks, have been a test of trusting my intuition. Trust is not an easy thing and add intuition to the equation can be daunting (for me). Making this decision has been hard and I listened to the small voice inside to discover the answer, but I will tell you what it said later. The huge discovery I made for myself is that instead of age giving me wisdom (which in some ways did) it gave me a huge dose of anxiety. Anxiety, that old evil friend ego, kills, numbing the intuition and rendering us helpless in the ever turning cycle of fear. Yuk! When I was in my twenties I made decision based on gut feelings, they were second nature, so what went wrong? Life and a bunch of big hits which shook my trust in things and in the way the world works. It has been a journey of self discovery and has reawakened things from my younger years, lessons learned but thankfully do not need to go through again. The one lesson is no matter what your age you are able to keep discovering new and wonderful facets about the world and yourself. Your dreams and visions are important. Do not ever give up on yourself and trust the voice inside, even if you think it is absolutely off the wall.

So over the past several now weeks I have been troubled over what I should do. I am a believer in signs, in my gut (though I did forget how to use it) and my guides. Everything was pointing me in one direction. I am packing up and heading to Maine to expand my business and work closer to nature. I am not going to be so bold as to say exactly how this will happen because I know better now. I know if I am to do this and work hard at putting it all together it will happen. I trust my gut my intuition to lead me down the right road and to make the right choices. I am not just putting the words down to make people read them, this is how I live. I am shedding the middle-aged attitude and embracing the person inside that lives with no boundaries of age or situations. This is what my intuition tells me, what is yours telling you? Stop hiding behind anxiety and be the free spirit inside with no limitations. Oh you know you want to and stop the excuses, they mean nothing.



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