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I Believe.



I believe in….

What is it you absolutely believe in, the world, your husband, family, job? Or do you believe in magic and simple ordinary miracles as I do. It is a small exercise you can do and it takes about five minutes out of your day. Take a piece of paper not an electronic gadget but a pen or pencil and a sheet of large blank paper. Funny put just using this methods connects you to the thoughts and to your self. Relax. Let your mind drift. When you are relaxed think about these two words,’I BELIEVE’, what comes to mind. Do not think just allow your self to feel. After five minutes see what you have jotted down. Some of it might surprise you and some make you laugh but all is a truth about you.

This is what I jotted down maybe it will help you get started.

I believe in the magic of the ordinary moments. I believe nature grounds me and nurtures my spirit. I believe that finding your passion will change your life. I believe in hard work and working hard for your goals. I believe watching a star filled night sky affirms my faith in the universe. I believe in the power of compassion. I believe thoughts are energy. I believe the earth is sacred. I believe fairies are real beings. I believe angels and spirit guides stand by us gently guiding and helping when asked. I believe creativity imagination and inspiration comes from our true self, the Divine within. I believe love heals all. I believe anything is possible if I believe.



Laurie is a US-based nature botanical artist known for her detailed whimsical flower watercolors. Using only the finest quality materials her paintings murals and custom painted furniture are investment pieces that will bring nature home for decades to come.

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