Create Your Own Trail.


Create your own trail.

How do you create the trail you are walking upon? What logs have fallen in the way or what bridges have appeared? Maybe tree stumps have risen in the water to help you along your trail? My trail is much like the one you see with tree stumps allowing me to cross calm waters to a shore that is well-marked. The light filters down and the air sweet with the aroma of fern fronds, mosses and pine being released as I softly step always moving forward on my life’s trail.

OK knock it off this is fantasy land, no this is not real, my mind tells me  and you are never going to be walking on ‘that’ trail, not if I have anything to say. You know the chatter always clattering on always telling us we do not measure up to _________. I do not know about everyone else but I am sick of listening to the chatter. It is the chatter on the internet telling you to buy this to improve you because you are not good enough, on the news reporting illusive doom, the incessant dialog that speaks to everything but your true being, the soulful spiritual you who is perfect and always enough. Instead I am now the observer, the trail blazer and the peaceful calm.  The mind is the illusion. My reality is the life that is unfolding and just as the path bends, I lose sight of where it is leading me I stay focused on observing everything around me. It is each step. Each step is different from the last.

Today create your own trail. Do not define yourselves, that is the minds doing, just focus on the trail life has put in front of you. Observe and trust your soulful self, it will guide you.




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