Keywords for Etsy Shops.


I just discovered something that is hidden and I am sure not many Etsy Shop owners are aware of, your shop sections determine the keywords for your shop. Did you know that small obscure fact? I have used for years and never knew and if not for setting up my website I may never found out. Etsy has definitely changed and not for the better. So please take a look at what you are selling on etsy and see if you can pump up your section titles to match the prominent words you tag your items with. Here is another tid bit put commas in so it defines more words. If you want to see your keywords right-click on your shop page click on view page info and scroll down to keywords. Best of luck and happy changes.



Also I have been busy as you may have guessed designing a web site for my fairy houses, painted cottage furniture, and garden wildflower landscapes. I discovered through another etsy shop owner. She too felt that if she was doing all this work promoting and marketing her work why was she handing over a nice percentage to They weren’t marketing her shop and since the changes made in SEO by the big boys, etsy once again has left us out in the internet ether’s. At I even have a nice shop broken down to the different areas I sell in. Woodland fairy houses, painted furniture, and oil and watercolor paintings all set up with PayPal or you can use Google Checkout. Get this it is FREE. I think the internet fairies are behind this one. Seriously, even me the terminator of computers crashing, set it up and even took my domain name at GoDaddy to point to my new site.




4 thoughts on “Keywords for Etsy Shops.

    • Between The Weeds: LRStudio says:

      Etsy not the same it was when it first came on the scene. It has dramatically changed in the last 18 months and they have different goals now. That is fine. Etsy changed not the people selling and buying, Etsy has a tendency to promote the inner circle of etsians. I personally do not care and do my own thing otherwise I am spending valuable time chasing the phantoms of the sale.


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