Thursday Thoughts for Creative Spirits.

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“When we focus our energy toward constructing a passionate, meaningful life, we are tossing a pebble into the world, creating a beautiful ripple of inspiration.When one person follows a dream, tries something new, or takes a daring leap, everyone nearby feels that energy and before too long they are making their own daring leaps and inspiring yet another circle” – Christine Mason Miller.

“The number one challenge I hear …is that they don’t have enough time for creativity. The belief that they need hours, days or even weeks to express their creative spirit holds them hostage, preventing them from taking any action at all. This leaves them depleted, discouraged and aching for the joy they know creativity has to offer. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our lives are made up of moments-by filling them with our creative spirit, we bring ourselves and the world alive” – Jamie Ridler
Just a little something to think about,  I was having a rough day and inspirational words always make me feel better.  Maybe you are in need of an inspirational hug, here is a big thoughtful hug to everyone.



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