When something strange happens.

Wooded Path

A funny strange thing happened yesterday on my early morning walk with Tucker (my goofy lovable furry companion) as we ventured down the road. We turned onto the dead end street by the house. It is the one street where the houses disappear and I feel I am back walking in the woods alone with my dogs all those years ago. It is comforting and familiar and nature always is active. It is where I saw my lovely blossom. It is also a road where I can connect to Spirit. The energy is calming and I feel peace when I travel down this road.

Now Tucker is not the calmest of dogs and even though I have tried to make him understand it is far better to be nice, he still does not believe me. Up ahead I saw one of the neighborhood dog sniffing and slowly walking back toward his house. Tuck saw him too. As usual he started his anxious barking and pulling at the lead. I know all he wants is say hello but he just goes about it the wrong way. I also know when he gets into this state there is no reasoning with him and all I can do is attempt to use my energy to ease his anxious state of mind. As he is carrying on the dog ahead turns and looks back at Tuck. Probably thinking why so much noise. Then I noticed over on my right a deer (doe) come out from behind a tree and start to walk toward me. She was half way between Tuck/Me and the other dog. There was plenty of room to move in between if that was the intention. But no. This is the strange part, the doe kept walking towards me and our eyes met. I could feel her energy so I introduced myself and Tuck. I know that sounds a little bizarre but I was raised to be polite to all living things. Remember Tuck is still barking, completely fixating on the other dog. When she(the doe) got about 8 feet away Tuck then noticed her and I had to laugh, he did not know who to bark at now and decided to ignore the doe. The same dog while in Vermont ran down deer for fun. By this time I had pulled Tuck up to me and had him gently by the collar. The doe came a bit closer, now I could see her eyelashes and hear her breath, time stopped and I felt connected not just to the doe but to all things around me. Then slowly time started to click back in motion and the doe crossed the road and down into a wooded glen.

For the rest of the day that moment stuck with me. There is a tugging from my soul to listen. I am not sure what the message is yet. When I figure it out I know it will be an awesome answer.


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