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Pricing painted hand crafted wood boxes and painted furniture.

I have thought about pricing and how I come to the way I price my work. Today I am writing about only my painted furniture and boxes. I use an equation for my painted furniture and decor and it is simple to figure. I add the cost of materials, the hours spent in producing the work and times it by my hourly wage. Some of the work does not take too much time and then there are pieces that are timely to make. An average painted box takes between 4 – 5 hours to complete and the materials cost about $14. I have not even added in the outside costs of paying charge to online credit card company, shop charge, insurance, shipping materials, space for studio or wood shop, electricity, computer time, marketing, health insurance and energy costs. I try to keep pricing fair for all involved but it is difficult to keep down, sometimes. Back to pricing a box, for the sake of making my point let me say this box took 5 hours to complete and the materials are $15. I charge $90 for the finished box. If you subtract 15 from 90 you are left with 75. Take the 75 and divide it by 5 for the hours it spent to create you come to the total of 15. This is my hourly wage. Oh but what about all the outside expenses I have to pay. Oops, I just fell under the minimum wage.

Do I feel I charge a fair price for my quality hand crafted one of a kind hand painted original painted boxes? Yes. The only reason I am writing this is to make buyers aware of how much goes into a handmade piece whether you buy it from me or any other quality artist. Do you not think we are worth being paid a minimum wage? Just a little food for thought for sellers and buyers everywhere.


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