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Nighttime journey inspired by angelic beings and fairies.

Have you ever experienced in your life a sensation that makes all your hairs stand up as if the air is charged? Thoughts become heightened and your gut or heart center is screaming as loud as it can, listen we have a message for you. Very recently I noticed things around me, little lights, and at night there were bumps and bangs that I could not explain. Nighttime does not spook me so bumps and bangs I usually think is the house settling or an animal outside.  But then came four nights ago, I was climbing into bed and very quickly from my left side was a white wisp shaped about the size of a person’s head and as I turned to see what it was it vanished. What I saw was this mist move quickly into nothing as if there was an invisible door and it was going through it. The image was only about two feet away from me so I felt a little unnerved. That night I experienced vivid dreams where I was living among fairies and angelic beings and ancestors I knew but never met. It was a pastoral light filled place and magic very much present. Old magic the kind that comes from nature and energy lay lines. I felt an overwhelming sense of love, creativity and bliss. There was no urgency and there was no real form but I knew what the forms were around me. Then time caught up and my journey ended.

I did not remember right away what had transpired during the nighttime journey because my brain and ego had to digest and filter. I now understand it was an angelic being who came that evening to prepare the way for me to take this needed journey into their realm. I was shown why it is important for me to stay with the path I am on. It is my purpose to create. To look at the world with different eyes then most and to feel what it is I feel. There is a specialness about this higher self being named Laurie. Maybe you can see that and you agree but if you do not I am perfectly content with knowing that also. My creative work is my spiritual self and Spirit working through this earthly body. I am the observer and my work is what I experience as the observer.  It is the magical dance between the realms and it is the world I live which is between the weeds, where fairies and angelic beings live.

I had forgotten the joy my work gave me and became overwhelmed with creating to make money. This is not the higher self, your heart center, or your purpose. It is ego. After this journey I have discovered what it was about my work that made it unique to me. My designs are polished upscale and contemporary but have a comfortable feel like a cashmere throw has on a cold blustery night. I also love boxes and small cabinets. My work is moving towards building oodles of cottage farmhouse boxes and cabinets with my garden woodland delicate designs. Even my fairy friend Briar is thrilled because there is nothing that excites the fairies more than flowers. She still wants me to focus on some more fairy houses too.

This is one of the new boxes I have created since the nighttime journey.


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