Be gracious especially when your computer crashes.

Lions Portrait

Painted Cottage Box Lion Stare

For the past week things around the house have been crazy. There are times when energies build up and all of a sudden everything seems to go wrong. But do they go wrong or is our perception gone askew. When it happens all at once you may feel the universe is conspiring against you. Maybe you believe you are experiencing a run of bad luck. In the past I would have agreed until I realized just recently nothing ever happens to you that you can not make into a positive. This is not about faith and religion; it is about knowing. I know there are fairies among us just as there are angels, spirits and guides both animal and ancestral. They assist you when you need help and show you the truth when you ask. It is a subject most people ignore because they are afraid of being labeled crazy or a new age fanatic. So why do I know these things are real. Simply because I have seen them myself. After this past week I now do not question the positive lessons in everything that has gone right, not wrong.

It started with my computer crashing, a fatal crash. It was acting up again and just as I was attempting to restore the system I lost power just for a minute but at a crucial point. I tried to get the system back up but it was beyond my capabilities. So I found someone close by and took the computer there to hopefully be fixed. It turned out to be a neighbor. He did what he could, added some things, saved my files and gave me some great advise. I am grateful my guides helped me find him. Just before calling him I had spent an hour or so looking for any info or discs that would have come with the computer to help my dilemma and had torn apart the house only to not find anything for this computer, old one yes. I finally gave up  my search and stopped. I sat down quietly surrounded in the chaos and asked for help. It was Spirit or maybe the fairies or guides that guided me to get the help from a neighbor. No longer seeing the situation as a problem and found the blessing in this experience, I met a wonderful person and my computer is working better than ever with all my files saved. The next day I received an order covering my cost and more. This is happening all the time not getting money but answers and I know it is because I have changed my perception. Yes I tore apart my house but now I am reorganizing it and the energy in the house is flowing.

Years and not an easy ones brings me to this realization. You can read all the books and watch all the videos and attend all the seminars but until the switch is turned on you are only a believer. When things start making sense is when you know it is so. Words are not enough but you know the feeling when you arrive. Gratitude joy happiness even when your computer crashes.



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