Having your designs or paintings printed onto fabric.

Fabrics intrigue me and I have in the past painted on fabrics. Recently I discovered a wonderful site online called Spoonflower. This online printing service offers designers and artists to print anything on material at a nominal fee. Also you can set up a fabric studio where others can shop your designs and buy if they like. You then receive a small percentage of the purchase. You can use their site strictly for printing your designs and having your fabrics not for sale if you choose.

Yesterday I received my order for two of my designs. The turn around was fast and the fabrics are beautiful. I am using them for pillow covers and will have them available in my Etsy Shop at BetweenTheWeeds soon. The one design is of my watercolor natural history illustration Leaves and Berries printed as a half fat. It is a large print with a mirror image.

For under $20 you have a print on fabric ofย  one of your paintings and if you can sew, just think of the possibilities ahead. As an artist you work hard on the original painting so why not benefit from your work in another way. Giclee prints are nice but give you the same function as the original painting, hanging it on a wall. But now expand your painting into a whole new field with fabrics.


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