Between the Weeds

My first ghost story.

Image by Pétur Gauti via Flickr

Have you ever been alone and heard a voice in your ear? This is how my story begins. It was a quiet night around 2 am and I was laying in bed debating if I should watch TV or not. It is why I know I was not sleeping or dosing and my imagination thought this happened. No I was quite awake. But before I tell you what happened let me give you some background.

I had just ended a relationship and my father‘s health had started to deteriorate. My mother needed help. I am one of those people who have to help family so I took over the top floor of their home, renovating and expanding it to suit my needs. It was comforting for mom knowing she now had help. My father dealt with miny strokes and had memory problems. Once all the work was finished and I got settled in I would notice sounds of someone coming up the stairs. There were two steps that always creaked when someone stepped on them. I would get up to see if my father had gotten out of bed. Thought he was confused and was coming up to his old bedroom. I would look, no Dad, so he must have gone back to his bed is what I thought. I am a very light sleeper. At that time Woody was alive and a young dog and always slept on the bed with me. He often stared over at the stairwell. This went on for months and then my father’s health restricted him to a wheel chair. He certainly was not climbing any steps. The stairs though kept on creaking. I never thought it was more than the house shifting after all I had done some major renovations. I rationalized it and but it in the back of my mind until…

As I laid in the bed my hand on Woody I decided to try to get some sleep. I had placed the remote back down and turned onto my side and in my ear I heard, MiiChael(Michael). The voice was loud and raspy and he drew out the Mii and then coughed the Chael. Every single hair on my body stood straight up. I shot straight up in bed while Woody laid there completely oblivious. My eyes blinked trying to see if maybe there was someone in the room (alive) but it was still. To this day I can hear that voice but thankfully Michael never said another word. About a year later I moved and often wonder if the stairs still creak or there are whispers in the night.


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