I think I saw a shadow figure, ghost?

shadow people

Image by BEYOURPET via Flickr

Maybe it is the time of the year with Halloween and paranormal shows at the height of the season but something decided to show itself in my kitchen the other night. Always the doubter and for the most part been able to discount most bangs and shadows to eye play and unexpected house noises. This time is harder to find an explanation. Before heading up the stairs to the bedroom my ritual is to grab a glass of water for myself and a biscuit for Tuck, usually done in the dark. There is always enough light coming in from neighbors and street lights so navigating in the dark is not a problem. As I closed the refrigerator door and picked up the water-glass a blackened area just in front of me down low by my feet startled me. My first thought was Tucker had walked into the kitchen except I could hear Tuck heading up the stairs. This shadowy mass was moving with a fluid motion in front of me and as I tried to see if my eyes were maybe the culprit the mass started to grow in height. Where it was only maybe 2 feet in width and about 2 feet in height it was now about 4 feet tall. Every nerve in my body was tingling from fear and curiosity. With my hand biscuit still clenched I reached forward and as my hand entered the area nothing. It was gone.

Startling exciting and puzzling is how to describe this night and one not forgotten any time soon. Solution or explanation I do not have but am very happy Tuck is around. I am not so sure I would be feeling so brave.


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